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We are What We Wear

Women are often thought of as frivolous because of their obsession with fashion, but there's a sound psychological basis for this: It turns out that if you wear a white coat that you believe belongs to a doctor, your ability to pay attention increases, but if you wear the same white coat that you're told belongs to a painter, you will show no such...
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Next: Clothes That Think

We have clothes that act as wifi and now we have clothes that think. The latest breakthrough in cotton fiber research has scientists envisioning hospital gowns that monitor medical patients and jerseys that test athletic performance. Fiber scientist Juan Hinestroza has discovered how...
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WEAR Your Wi-Fi

The next generation of communications systems could be built with a sewing machine. To make communications devices more reliable, researchers are finding ways to incorporate radio antennas directly into clothing, using plastic film and metallic thread. And you'll be able to POWER your...
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Terrorism Tee Shirt

It seems like a miracle, but it's true: A simple cotton tee shirt may one day be converted into tougher, more comfortable body armor for soldiers or police officers (or those of us who live in dangerous cities?)

Researchers have drastically increased the toughness of a tee shirt by combining the carbon in the shirt's cotton with boron,...

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Clothes Can be Dangerous

And not just if you take them off at the wrong time, either.

Fashion expert Alison Matthews David explains why the Hatter in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was "Mad." She says, "Hatters used to work with highly toxic materials that led to mercury poisoning. Their symptoms were pallor, anemia, trembling and disorientation. It's...

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Crazy but Possible

Amazing new inventions on the horizon - It's about time: Some amazing new inventions are coming our way: All it takes is researchers who can envision the future. What if charging your computer, iPod or cell phone was as easy as plugging it into your tee shirt? And what if you could power your building by working out in the...

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What Kind of Clothes Will You Wear in the Future?

What will we be wearing in the future? Whether they're invisible or made out of chicken feathers, the fabrics that make up our clothes are changing. One of these may be made up of something that grows so fast it's almost considered a weed in Asia: bamboo. And finally, a machine has been invented that can spin silk as strong as spiders.


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Fashion Police in China

We've all heard about the fashion police who patrol the streets of Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, arresting women who are not modestly dressed. This has even spilled over into Western countries, but this is a much more serious topic in the Middle East. In China, it has to do with making a good impression on Western visitors during the Olympics,...

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Clothes That Ward Off Flu

We've told you about clothes that can make you invisible. We've reported on clothes made from recycled chicken feathers. Soon you'll be able to wear clothes that protect you from pollution and stop you from catching a cold or the flu.

Fashion designers and fiber scientists have taken "functional clothing" to a whole new level by...

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Never Wash Your Underwear Again

First the Japanese invented a cloak that makes the wearer invisible. Now someone has invented underwear that never needs to be washed (good for the military) and a shirt you can spray onto your skin from a can (perfect for travel!)

The underwear contains chemicals that repel water, oil and bacteria and is made of material that cost the...

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REAL Superman Suit

The Chinese are experimenting with clothes that can be made out of fabrics created from recycled chicken feathers but the Japanese are in the forefront when it comes to clothing evolution. First they invented a cloak that makes the wearer invisible. Now they've invented a suit that turns the person wearing it into Superman..


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Can Clothes be Made from Recycled Feathers?

Those plastic soda bottles you've recycled in the last few years are probably part of the carpet that's in your home or office right now. Could recycled materials part of the clothes we wear? Some people have tried knitting dog and cat hair into sweaters, with varied results. Now researchers are trying to figure out a way to turn chicken...

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Bundle Up in Solar Clothes

Newswise - We've written before about clothes that make you invisible. Most of us will never wear these, but lots of female cell phone and PDA users are interested in an invention called the "Power Purse," which is covered with solar cells that can recharge batteries.

Joe Hynek started out with a hat with solar panels...

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Smart Clothes in Your Future

Newswise - We've written here before about reflective clothing thatmakes people seem todisappear.This technology is now beingused for spy planes. But even more innovations are coming:We will soon have clothes that can detect the presence ofchemical weapons, then clean and decontaminate themselves.This research is being funded...

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August Heatwave: Time to Buy that Winter Coat

A new study of body lice reveals that humans started wearing clothes 70,000 years ago. And ever since, stores have been trying to sell us winter coats in August?but that may finally be changing.

"I can't face winter coats in August," says shopper Rachael Rawson, and most of us feel the same way. Dina ElBoghdady writes in the Washington...

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