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You May be Eating Cloned Meat

From dead cows - Haven't we had enough problems using animal parts from dead cows? Now a company wants to increase meat production by cloning dead cattle.

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Humans Can't be Cloned

Despite the claims made by Cloneaid, scientists say human cloning may never be possible. Actually, it's primates that can't be cloned (and that's us, too). Hundreds of attempts to clone monkeys have failed, and researchers think is this because of the biological make-up of primate eggs. Due to the way genetic material is divided as the cells...

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Clone Proof?

Clonaid, which claims to have created the first human clones, has distributed a photograph of one of the clones for the first time. In the photo, the baby is in an incubator and can barely be seen. Supposedly, this little boy, who was born in Japan, is the 3rd of the 5 babies they've cloned. Clonaid president Brigitte Boisselier showed the...

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UFO Info?Not Always What It Seems

People who have had UFO experiences or who have become convinced there is something real about UFOs are confused and dismayed by the recent cloning announcement by the Raelian group. What Rael was told by aliens doesn?t make scientific sense, so does it mean that all information given to us during UFO experiences is wrong? Anne Strieber writes...

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Two Human Clones Coming

Italian gynecologist Severino Antinori has announced that that he has successfully impregnated three women with clones and the first one?a boy?will be born in Serbia in January. The Raelians UFO group also claims to have created the first clone and says a woman in its care will give birth to a girl by the end of December. Spokeswoman Brigitte...

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A Good Kind of Cloning

Here's a cloning project that everyone will agree should be done: a nonprofit group plans to clone the world's oldest tree, a 55 foot tall bristlecone pine that?s 4,767 years old and clings to a wind-swept mountain in eastern California. "It has lived at least a millennium longer than any other known tree," says Forest Service official Larry...

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Clones are Imperfect Copies

Cloned animals have hundreds of abnormal genes, which explains why so many of them die at or before birth, meaning it would be irresponsible to clone a human being. Despite this, there are several human cloning attempts taking place right now.

The process of cloning introduces the genetic mutations, and this seems to be unavoidable....

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Are Clones Safe to Eat?

The FDA has officially announced that cloned animals are safe to eat, but says that products made from genetically-modified animals could be unsafe. They are currently deciding whether to allow the sale of genetically-modified milk. The FDA is worried about how, when and where inserted genes will turn themselves on. New genes inserted into the...

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Baby Clones are Coming

A U.S. couple hopes to become parents of the world's firstcloned human. They plan to fly to a secret destination to bepart of a cloning experiment. The couple, a high schoolteacher and sales representative, say they've turned tocloning in desperation, after everything else has failed.

Bill, who is in his mid 50s, says, "If we could...

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Chinese Are Cloning Humans

Chinese scientists have created dozens of cloned embryos advanced enough to harvest embryonic stem cells. Their intention is not to copy human beings, but create genetically matched cells to make tissues for transplant patients and for research. One group of researchers claims to have derived stem cells from hybrid embryos composed of a mixture...

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