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Sometimes we hate mice, but sometimes we love them.

You can now own a mouse with an immune system that's identical to yours. Why would you want to do that? So that drugs and medical therapies can be tested on the mouse first, before they're used on you. Some researchers...
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Is Cloned Meat Safe?

Scientists in Korea have announced that they have cloned a dog for the first time?an afghan puppy. It took a thousand tries for this to happen, so it will not become the normal way to get a new puppy. While dogs are strictly pets in the US, they are bred to eat in many Asian countries. While cloned meat is too expensive to produce at the moment...

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License to Clone

The U.K. has given Ian Wilmut of the Roslin Institute inScotland, the scientist who created Dolly the sheep (theworld's first cloned mammal), a license to clone humanembryos for medical research. The clones will be used tocreate stem cells for research into degenerative motorneuron disease.

The plan is to extract stem cells from patients...

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Human-Animal Chimeras a Reality

Mice are being grown with human brain cells in their brains.Pigs are being raised that have human blood. Sheep withhuman hearts and livers have been created in a Nevadalaboratory. These creatures are called chimeras,human-animal hybrids.

In Europe, China and Japan, even more complex chimeras arebeing created in laboratories that are...

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Clone Case Closed

Florida was all set to take Clonaid to court for endangering a baby?s health by cloning it. But there's no chance of that now, since Clonaid's chief executive, Brigitte Boisselier, testified under oath that the baby, named Eve, is living in Israel. Since the family is now outside the Florida court's jurisdiction, the judge dismissed the case...

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Clone Proof To Be Revealed in Court

A judge has ruled that Clonaid vice-president Thomas Kaenzig must testify in a Florida court, even if he has to do it by telephone. Miami lawyer Bernard Siegel has accused Clonaid of abusing the cloned baby the group says they created. Clonaid announced the birth of the clone in Miami, but won't allow independent scientists to verify if the...

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Human Clones May Have Genetic Defect

The Raelian group claims to have produced two human clones (with more on the way), but refuses to let scientists see the babies. This could be because they have some of the genetic defects commonly found in animal clones. Clones and in-vitro (test tube) fertilized babies can suffer from Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome, which is a rare condition...

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Are the Raelian Cloners Crazy?

Richard Dolan writes, "If the Raelians were even remotely representative of UFO research, I would never have entered the field. Any 'legitimate' UFO researcher (yeah, I know, none of us are really legitimate) undoubtedly grimaces whenever Vorilhon's group gets media attention. 'No, no!' we all want to say. 'WE are not like THEM!'


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Babies May Not Pass Clone Test

Michael Guillen, the science journalist selected by Clonaid to verify the recent births of two human clones, says, "This morning, I suspended the independent review process designed to determine whether or not a cloned human baby has been born. The team of scientists has had no access to the alleged family and, therefore, cannot verify...

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Why a Clone is Not a Clone

A clone is not an exact replica of the person or animal being cloned, but more like an identical twin one or two generations removed. "Even in identical twins, where the DNA is identical, they are different people because of the influence of environment," says Janet Rowley, professor of medicine at the University of Chicago.

Nature or...

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Reporter to Check Out Clone

Dr. Brigitte Boisselier of Clonaid has announced the world's first cloned baby and Dr. Michael A. Guillen, former science editor at ABC News, says it's his job "to put her claim to the test." Guillen has a doctorate in theoretical physics, mathematics and astronomy from Cornell and once taught physics to undergraduates at Harvard. He's...

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3 Clone Babies Due Soon

Italian fertility specialist Severino Antinori says three women are currently pregnant with clones. "There are three pregnancies," Antinori says. Two of them are in Russia and one in an "Islamic state," according to Antinori. He says that they are six to nine weeks along. Antinori achieved fame a few years ago by helping a 62-year-old woman...

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Mother of Clone May Develop Cancer

The world?s first cloned baby could be born in November, according to Italian fertility expert Severino Antinori. Most animal clones have short, unhealthy lives. But even if the baby is healthy, the mother could be at high risk for a rare invasive womb cancer.

Richard Gardner, who chaired the U.K. Royal Society?s working group on cloning...

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Woman Pregnant With Clone

A woman is eight weeks pregnant with a clone, according to Severino Antinori, one of the fertility specialists who is supervising the pregnancy. ?One woman among thousands of infertile couples in the program is eight weeks pregnant,? Antinori says. This is the world?s first human cloning pregnancy.

Antinori's colleague, Panos Zavos at...

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The Short, Unhappy Lives of Clones

Cloned animals may die young, according to the first study of their lifespans, carried out by Japanese researchers on mice.

Cloning involves removing the nucleus from an egg and replacing it with the nucleus of a donor cell. Many of the embryos created in this way never develop or miscarry, and even after birth some clones die. But up...

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Fake Wombs for Working Women

Doctors are developing artificial wombs in which embryos can grow outside a woman?s body. Scientists have created prototype wombs made out of cells extracted from women?s bodies. Embryos successfully attached themselves to the walls of these laboratory wombs and began to grow. Experiments had to be terminated after a few days to comply with in-...

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Animals Cloned for Human Parts

Dr. Michael West, of Advanced Cell Technology in Worcester, Massachusetts and his team have created a monkey embryo without the use of sperm that can be used to create stem cells. Through a process called parthenogenesis, stem cells were extracted from the embryo to make specialized tissues such as heart and brain material. ?These were fully...

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New Stem Cell Does Not Use Embryos

A stem cell has been found in adults that can turn into any tissue in the body. Until now, only stem cells from early embryos were thought to have such properties. If the finding is confirmed, it will mean cells from your own body could one day be turned into all sorts of perfectly matched replacement tissues and even organs.

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Pig Parts for People

PPL Therapeutics of Edinburgh, Scotland has cloned 5 pigs with ?knock out? genes, meaning that their organs can be transplanted to humans. They were born on Christmas day and are named Noel, Angel, Star, Joy and Mary. They contain special genes prevent the human immune system rejecting their transplanted organs.

PPL cloned the piglets...

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First Human Clones

The scientists at Advanced Cell Technology, in Worcester, Massachusetts, claim they have cloned the first early human embryo. They want to create genetically matched replacement cells for patients with a wide range of diseases, and say they have no interest in transplanting these embryos into a woman?s womb to give birth to a cloned human being...

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Here Come the Clones...Ready or Not.

Two fertility scientists have announced plans to create the first human clone within two years, despite new evidence that cloning can produce monstrous results.

Scientists say that creating healthy copies through cloning is harder than they had expected. Clones often have severe problems, such as developmental delays, heart defects and...

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Religious Group Plans to Clone Human Beings

Sunday Times of London, Washington Post, Techo-Eugenics Email Newsletter - Members of the Raelian religion, which believes that human beings were created by extraterrestrial scientists, said they have begun trying to clone a ten-month-old girl who died earlier this year. The parents of the dead girl, who wish to remain...

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