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Global Warming: Are Lawsuits Next?

Two Australian researchers say that governments and companies will face an increase in law suits for their role in global warming, due to the damage it causes to health and communities, and they think these claims have a good chance of succeeding. Insurance companies, who have had to pay the costs of most of the weather damage, may be the first...

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Global Warming Caused by Flat Screen TVs?

This is the season of giving, and a lot of people are going to ask for a new television for Christmas. But flat screen TVs could pump hundreds of thousands of tons of extra carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming.

In the Independent, Ben Russell warns that these new televisions could increase emissions by 700,...

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Global Warming Stranding Canadian Tribes

Some of the Indian tribes in Canada's far north are becoming isolated from each other?and from the rest of the world?due to ice melting caused by global warming, which is cutting off their traditional winter routes. They are having trouble getting supplies, including food for the winter.

The 34 First Nations reservations, which consist...

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We're Waking Up to Climate Change

A new poll shows that most Americans now think that climate change is one of our biggest problems. Here at, we take some of the credit for that awareness. While the subject of global warming is rarely raised in the US national media, WE don't ignore it. A new poll reveals that the general public is finally waking up to this...

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How Will the Weather Change Where YOU Are?

We recently reported that climatologists are using supercomputers to try to figure out exactly how global warming will affect different parts of the world. Researcher Cameron Wake says, "The very notion of the Northeast as we know it is at stake. The near-term emissions choices we make in the Northeast and throughout the world will help...

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A Mighty River Reversed

After hurricane Katrina, engineers are contemplating whether or not to move the Mississippi. Meanwhile, researchers have found evidence that the world's largest river basin, the Amazon, once flowed in the opposite direction.

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Global Warming: A Price to Pay in the (Near) Future

Global warming could cost the world's governments up to 20% per cent of their economies in the near future, due to hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters. What kind of world are we handing to the next generation?

Economist Nicholas Stern says that as things stand now, the world has to pay 1% of its annual gross national product...

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How Will Global Warming Affect Our Future?

Researchers are firing up their supercomputers to try to figure out what changes global warming will bring us in the future.Recent episodes of deadly heat in the United States and Europe, long dry spells across the US West, and heavy bursts of rain and snow across much of North America and Eurasia hint at longer-term changes to come. Much of...

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Global Warming: A Reprieve But No Sign We Will Use It

We recently wrote about how a low level of sunspot activity may give us a reprieve when it comes to global warming, and now the oceans are cooling off as well. We now have a chance (if we take it) to do something about greenhouse gas emissions before it's too late.

Despite the fact that temperatures around the world are rising, the...

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Storms Attack Ice on Opposite Side of Earth

We recently reported that satellites have spotted dangerous cracks in Arctic icebergs, and now we may be discovering WHY this are happening. Can a storm in Alaska, started by global warming, end up breaking apart an iceberg at the opposite end of the earth? The surprising answer is yes.

A severe storm that occurred in the Gulf of Alaska...

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Global Warming Now Critical

One of the greatest tragedies of the Iraq War may turn out to be that we spent so much energy and money on fighting an unnecessary war abroad, while we should have been concentrating on the climate emergency here at home. Now it may be too late.

Global temperatures are dangerously close to the highest ever in the past million years. NASA...

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State Fights Global Warming With No Help From the Feds

If the Federal government won't take a stand against global warming, individual states will have to do it alone. California has filed a lawsuit against six leading car manufacturers, saying that the emissions from the cars they produce are changing the state's weather.

Andrew Gumbel reports in the Independent that California attorney...

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Scientists Looking for Global Warming?on Computers

While the rest of us swelter, or shelter from the latest storm, climatologists are using supercomputers the size of small buildings to track global warming. And no matter how much the government wants to deny reality, a new international poll reveals that most people know that the future is here?and it's HOT.

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Global Warming to Blame for Many Natural Disasters

Man-made global warming leads to higher ocean surface temperatures, which creates more?and stronger?hurricanes?as well as other so-called "natural" disasters, such as forest fires, droughts and floods.

BBC News reports that climatologists say that global warming will increase the risk of forest fires, droughts and floods over the next...

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Pump Climate Problems Underground

We store dangerous nuclear waste in secret places deep underneath the desert. Can we store dangerous greenhouse gases on the ocean floor?

BBC news reports that scientists are desperately searching for ways to cut greenhouse gas emissions. One of their ideas is to pump the offending CO2 deep under the ocean, kind of the opposite of...

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Pollination Affected by Global Warming

Scientists are turning their attention to how global warming affects plant life. They suspect that there will be less nutrition in vegetables that are grown in the future, due to climate change. But some scientists wonder if there will even BE any vegetables in the future, since global warming affects pollination.

Dr. David Inouye, who...

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Greenland Ice in Runaway Melt

Satellite measurements reveal that Greenland's glaciers aremelting three times faster than expected just two years ago.The melting of Greenland's glaciers floods the NorthAtlantic with fresh water, which increases the speed withwhich water temperatures change, meaning that the AtlanticConveyor, which draws warm tropical water into the Arcticand...

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How Will Global Warming Affect Plants?

It may make them less nutritious. A little-known valley in northern Sweden reveals that the higher temperatures produced by global warming may lead to significant changes in plant nutrients. And the palm trees in Florida are already suffering from rising water levels.

Will global warming mean that our vegetables contain fewer nutrients?...

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Congressman Vows to Fight Global Warming Bill

House Majority Whip Roy Blunt (R-Mo) has said that he will make sure that the 110th Congress will NOT address the climate problem. He offered as his reason that "the information is not adequate," despite the fact that, as long ago as 2001, over a thousand climate experts published a report stating that "There is new and stronger evidence that...

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Who's Dying in the Current Heat Wave?

MORE UPDATES - Heat waves kill the elderly, both here and in the rest of the world. Sociologists have discovered that?in the US at least?severe heat waves kill more people in neighborhoods where there are few inviting businesses to draw older people out of their overheated apartments into an air conditioned environment....

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Far Out Fixes for Global Warming

UPDATE - Shooting sulfur into the atmosphere, eliminating short plane trips, putting satellites in orbit around the earth to reflect sunlight?these are all the drastic measures that scientists are considering to solve the problem of global warming.

Why would we want to inject sulfur into our atmosphere?isn?t our air...

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Famous Waterfall Dries Up

Whitley recently wrote about signs of climate change in the Brazilian rain forest. Now there are reports that Iguazu Falls in Brazil has slowed to a trickle. This huge body of falling water is normally bigger than either Niagara Falls or Victoria Falls in South Africa.

Jorge Adorno and Terry Wade report that Iguazu Falls is usually one...

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Why It's Too Darn HOT

A scientist caused a storm in the atmospheric community a few years ago when he suggested that tiny airborne particles, known as aerosols, may be one of the main culprits causing climate change, having an even GREATER impact than greenhouse gases. We already know they have a bad effect on our health. The government's current Clear Skies...

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Don't Plant Pines

To combat global warming, some Kyoto participants have agreed to plant more trees. But the KIND of trees you plant makes a big difference: Landowners in the South are turning stands of hardwood and natural pine trees into pine plantations because pine is a more lucrative source of lumber. But it turns out that pine trees give off more carbon...

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New Global Warming Record Set in 2006

NOAA has announced that average temperatures for the first half of 2006 were the highest ever recorded in the US. NOAA scientists say that temperatures for January through June were 3.4 degrees Fahrenheit above average for the 20th century. Previously, NOAA said that 2005 was the hottest year on record, so we're not doing so well, when it comes...

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We're used to thinking about solar heating, but in manyparts of the country, the big need is for solarcooling.Scientists are working on a thin-film technology that may dojust that.

Researcher Steven Van Dessel and his team have installed atest structure on top of the student union at RensselaerPolytechnic Institute that will both heat...

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Does Global Warming Cause Forest Fires?

The fire season will soon be here and we all hope it won't be as devastating as the last few fire seasons were, when fires swept through large swathes of forests and national parks and destroyed entire neighborhoods in the Western US. Now the increase in the number of fires has been linked with global warming, since it brings us an earlier?and...

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Help Reverse Global Warming: Change Your Bulbs

A lot of the technology that can have a dramatic effect on global warming is right at our fingertips, if we would only screw it in.

Switching to low-energy light bulbs would prevent a total of 16 million tons of carbon dioxide from being added to our atmosphere in the next 25 years. Andy McSmith & Emily Dugan write in the Independent...

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Global Warming: Jellyfish Can Save Us

Transparent jellyfish-like creatures called salps, which are about the size of a human thumb, are swarming by the billions into "hot spots" in the oceans?places where hurricanes are likely to develop. Scientists are hoping that they are transporting tons of carbon per day from the ocean surface to the deep sea, where it will not re-enter the...

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Hurricane Increase Definitely Due to Climate Change

If the US public suffers from many more Katrina-style storms, maybe they will pressure the government to focus on cutting greenhouse gas emissions, instead of getting side tracked by political items like flag burning and gay marriage. Weather researcher Kevin Trenberth, who works for the US government, says, "The global warming influence...

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