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Global Warming May Mean the End of Some Butterflies

In the UK, 11 species of butterflies are making their earliest recorded appearances this spring, which means they will die off earlier in the season as well, since butterflies typically live for a very short time. Some species of butterflies are in the UK are being seen in new areas. Reports on butterfly populations in the US are not available...

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Changing the Climate by Cutting Down Trees

We're all worried about the connection between global warming and greenhouse gas emissions. But every day, deforestation?especially cutting down trees in the world's rainforests?releases as much carbon dioxide as most of the world's automobile traffic.

In the Independent, Daniel Howden writes that "The accelerating destruction of the...

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US Blocking Truth About Global Warming

The US government is trying to block sections of a UN resolution on global warming that will be presented at an international meeting in June. The US objects to resolutions aimed at keeping the temperature rise to a certain level and cutting greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2050.

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Global Warming: An Excuse for GM Food

Global warming worries most agricultural experts, since it means that we will have to find new places to grow crops. But there's one group that is HAPPY about it: the people who bring us genetically-modified food.

Pressure for consumer acceptance of genetically modified foods will intensify as global warming brings even harsher...

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Global Warming May Have Killed Off Neanderthals

If they hadn't become extinct due to an asteroid impact, dinosaurs would have met their demise anyway, due to climate change. Did global warming also wipe out the Neanderthals?

In, Dave Mosher reports that researchers studying one of the last Neanderthal strongholds in Spain and Portugal think that climate change may have...

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Major Drought Predicted for California

The California snowpack is 71% below normal, meaning that there will be drought and more forest fires in the near future.

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Climate Change Timetable

We know that global warming will change the weather worldwide, but what's the timetable for your particular part of the world?

In, Andrea Thompson and Ker Than make the following speculations, based on a recent report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC):

Right now, in 2007, more of the world...

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Exxon Accused of Lying About Climate Change

In the UK newspaper the Guardian, David Adam reports that "Britain's top scientists" have told Exxon to stop "funding groups that attempt to undermine the scientific consensus on climate change."

The Royal Academy, which is comprised of Britain's top scientists, says that Exxon's public statements on global warming are "inaccurate and...

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Save Our Planet: Suck Up That CO2 (Part II)

One way to suck carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, so that it won't cause global warming, might be to "seed" the oceans with iron that will stimulate blooms of phytoplankton, the microscopic marine plant that converts CO2 into organic matter.

In the Independent, Steve Connor writes about a ship that is going to sail around the Pacific...

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Save Our Planet: Suck Up That CO2

The problem with greenhouse gases is becoming so dire that Britain's Prince Charles has declared it to be an international emergency. This is especially worrisome since explosive population and industrial growth means that China will overtake the US this year as world's biggest producer of greenhouse gases.

In, Andrea...

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Arctic Ice Retreat Faster Than Predicted

Arctic sea ice is melting at a significantly faster rate than projected by even the most advanced computer models, leading Prince Charles, in the UK, to issue an emergency ?MayDay? warning about global warming.

A new study shows that the Arctic's ice cover is retreating more rapidly than estimated by any of the 18 computer models used...

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Gardening to Help Prevent Climate Change

Both drought and flooding can ruin a garden, but there are lots of things the average home gardener can do to help stop global warming. We already know that we should trade in our SUVs, use florescent light bulbs and turn down the thermostat. According to a new report from the National Wildlife Federation called "A Gardeners Guide to Global...

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Not Waving But Drowning

Due to global warming, low-lying Bangladesh may not have much of a future, and if YOU live in a major coastal city (as many of us do), there could be a tsunami in YOUR future. Agricultural researchers think that cities should protect themselves from tsunamis and hurricanes by planting shelterbelts.

In the Independent, Ann McFerran...

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Climate Change Can Make You Sick

Can global warming make you sick? In some ways, it can.

It can encourage the proliferation of insects, like mosquitoes, which carry disease such as West Nile and malaria. It can also affect children, who are more sensitive to weather changes than adults, in the form of more frequent fevers. Because hot weather can cause food to spoil...

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Scientists Gagged on Global Warming

Scientists have complained about the Bush administration's pseudo-science for a long time now?this administration has even muzzled NASA! Now a nonprofit group dedicated to government responsibility asserts that climate and ocean scientists are being gagged.

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An Unnoticed Casualty of Global Warming: Coral

We humans have been trying to figure out how we will be affected by global warming, and we realize that other species, such as penguins and polar bears, are vulnerable as well. But something we rarely notice?coral?may perish in the warmer waters, and this will effect the fish we humans eat.

While humans can survive large temperature...

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Global Warming: The Biggest Risk is Floods

Our government is finally going to be forced to pay attention to the problem of global warming, but what we all want to know is, how does global warming affect us? The biggest?and earliest?effect will be FLOODING of coast cities and countries, as glaciers and ice sheets melt.

In New Scientist, Catherine Brahic reports that one person in...

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The Good Guys Won?in a Conservative Court!

While global warming has definitely been traced to greenhouse gas emissions?and a major source of these emissions is automobiles?new technology for producing cars that reduce this problem has not been forthcoming, mainly because the government has not been willing to demand that big business produce less polluting cars. But the Supreme Court...

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Global Warming: What We'll Lose

A new global warming study predicts what current climates will VANISH entirely by the year 2100, replaced by climates that are unknown in today's world.

Global climate models for the next century forecast the complete disappearance of several existing climates currently found in tropical highlands and regions near the poles, while large...

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Scientists Muzzled on Global Warming

Employees of the Fish & Wildlife Service have been told not to discuss global warming at upcoming international meetings in Norway and Russia. Since at least one of these meetings concerns how polar bears are being affected by the changing climate, this is going to be hard to do. Employees of NASA have been given the same directive.


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Big Business Comes Through

For many years we have said that one of the ways that EVERYONE can help fight global warming is by simply changing your light bulbs. Soon it's going to be easier than ever.

General Electric has re-engineered incandescent bulbs to make them as energy-efficient as fluorescents. According to Business Wire, "Adoption of new technology could...

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Light Right

Since 1999, has been recommending that people switch from incandescent lightbulbs to fluorescents, and now Australia is planning to ban incandescents altogether, effective in 2010. This will cut greenhouse gas emissions by 4 million tons by the crucial year of 2012 (the year the Mayans predicted the world would end).


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Big Business Addresses Global Warming

When it comes to the health of ourselves and our planet, big business, which is invested in short-term profits, is usually the enemy of long term planning. Oil companies have even spread disinformation about global warming. But that may finally be changing.

Ninety international companies have released a joint statement declaring that...

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Temperatures & Greenhouse Gases at Record High

The greenhouse gases that cause global warming have soared to record levels in the atmosphere. Maybe that's why we just experienced the warmest January on record.

New Scientist quotes climate scientist Kim Holmen as saying that "Levels [of greenhouse gases] are at a new high." Holmen says that concentrations of carbon dioxide, the main...

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Governments can't seem to stop bickering long enough to do anything practical about global warming, so a UK entrepreneur has taken things into his own hands: Richard Branson, the CEO of Virgin Records and Virgin airlines, has offered a $25 million prize to anyone who can come up with a system to removed greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

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Dangerous Cutbacks in Weather Research

We recently wrote about how the administration is forcing climate scientists to use fake science to "explain" global warming. Now it turns out that states like Florida will not even have access to the REAL science they do. This is particularly important in Florida, which is especially vulnerable to hurricanes, which have increased due to warmer...

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Only Ten Years Left

The February 2nd report by the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says that human activities, in the form of greenhouse gas emissions, are the cause of global warming. Some scientists think we only have a decade left to try to fix the problem. Meanwhile, major oil companies are trying desperately to debunk the study.


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Fake Science About a Real Threat

Major scientists have long charged that the Bush administration pushes pseudo-science, based on belief and denial, that caters to politics and big business. Now Rep. Henry Waxman (D-California) has revealed that every time his committee has tried to get documents about government policy on climate change from the White House, they have been...

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Global Warming: A Vicious Circle

Climatologists are getting ready to issue a new report that says global warming will be a more gradual process than the researchers who predict sudden climate change say it will be. But that may not be accurate.

Researchers are frantically trying to figure out how severe climate change will become in the future. Ice specialist Lonnie...

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Future Warming: Mud Evidence

According to a new report by climatologists, global warming will get much worse in the future. Other researchers, who are looking at frozen mud cores to try to understand just how bad it got in the past, confirm this conclusion.

In, Seth Borenstein quotes climate researcher Jerry Mahlman, who looked at the first 1,600...

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