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Despite Warming, There Can Still be Ice

New research has discovered that massive ice sheets existed on the earth during past periods of global warming, giving us hope that sea levels may not rise to disastrous levels during this one.

The Scripps Institution of Oceanography has found strong evidence that a glacial ice cap, about half the size of the modern day glacial ice...

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Suck It Up!

The ocean is no longer doing it very well.Forests are no longer doing it much either. But that doesn't mean WE can't do it.

In, Charles Q. Choi writes that scientistsare working on ways to "pull carbon dioxide straight from the air to potentially attack global warming directly." He quotes researcher Frank Zeman as saying...

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Santa Chased Away by Global Warming

Santa may have to retire from the North Pole soon, because arctic is becoming more and more like the weather in California. Climatologist Mark Serreze says, "The Arctic is screaming." What does he mean? It's MELTING. And it turns out the melting in Greenland is not only due to global warming?there's also the problem of underground heat wafting...

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Out of the Past

Global Warming isn't just happening now?it's happened in the past, as well. Is there anything we can learn from those times that will help us today?

In New Scientist, Fred Pearce writes, "It was the biggest climate event of the last 10,000 years and caused the most dramatic change in the weather since humans began farming. And it may yet...

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Why Your Leaves Didn't Turn This Year

Autumn's usual red, orange and yellow leaves arrived later than usual this year and in some places, leaves didn't change color at all. Does this have anything to do with global warming?

In, Andrea Thompson reports that delayed fall foliage occurred not only in the US, but also in parts of Europe. The reason could be...

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Forests Failing

First we heard that the oceans are no longer sucking up CO2 the way they used to?now it turns out that the FORESTS aren't either! Plus forest fires, like the recent ones in California, pump tons of carbon dioxide INTO the atmosphere.

In the Nov. 1 edition of the Independent, Steve Connor reports that "the sprawling forests of the...

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Time to Re-Draw Our Maps

As global warming melts glaciers at both poles and sea levels rise, maps all over the world will have to be redrawn. Coastal towns in Florida may disappear and so may Boston and New Orleans. In other parts of the world, drought is causing rivers to dry up. For instance, the Dead Sea is 82 feet lower than it was half a century ago, and may not...

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What Needs to be Changed?FAST

A new study show that by 2050, the United States must cut its emissions by at least 80% below those created in the year 2000 if the world is to avoid potentially dangerous impacts of human-induced climate change.

To avoid the most severe effects of climate change, the world must stabilize the concentration of heat trapping gases in the...

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Is Ancient Bacteria Still a Threat?

Microbes locked in Antarctic ice for as much as eight million years have been "resuscitated" in a laboratory. Now that the ice at both poles is melting, could this be dangerous?

Scientists melted down samples of ice from Antarctica glaciers, some of which are 8 million years old. The oldest living thing they discovered is a 600,000-year-...

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Gone in Less Than a Week

An area of the Arctic the size of Florida has melted away in just the last six days as the polar cap continues to melt at a record rate. And not surprisingly, polar bears are starting to disappear as well. There are a lot of mysterious events going on in the far North right now.

On the ABC News website, Clayton Sandell reports that "2007...

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MORE Extreme Weather

Floods in Europe, a tornado in Brooklyn: Due to global warming, extreme weather may be here to stay. the average temperature in 2006 was the second highest since we started keeping records in 1895. The warmest year on record in the US was 1998, and meteorologists say that there's a 16% chance that 2007 will also turn out to be a record breaker...

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Coldest Lake is Heating Up

Lake Superior in Michigan is the coldest and deepest of the Great Lakes, which together have almost 20% of the world's fresh water. It?s the biggest freshwater lake on earth?as big as South Carolina. But due to evaporation caused by global warming, it's at its lowest level in 80 years. Lake Superior is heating up.

In AOL News, John...

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Pole Problems

There are climate problems going on at both ends of the earth right now. Both the arctic and antarctic are suffering from the effects of global warming.

Antarctica, at the bottom of the earth, is the worst. In the August 20 edition of the Independent, Meredith Hooper describes a journey around that continent with the seabird ecologist...

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Extreme Weather?Will it Get Better or Worse?

Evidence of that much-maligned?and denied?global warming in action: the UN is reporting that many parts of the world have been experiencing record extreme weather conditions including floods, heat waves, storms and cold snaps since the beginning of 2007?including a TORNADO in Brooklyn on August 8!

Yahoo News reports that global land...

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Sudden Climate Change

After The Day After Tomorrow was released, climatologists fell all over their own feet trying to claim that sudden climate change isn't all that sudden, really. Shortly thereafter, the Byrd Polar Research Institute published studies of Peruvian glaciers showing that permanent climate change had taken place there in literally a matter of minutes...

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Weather Woes Grip Planet

While unprecedented flooding cripples Britain and Texas andhundreds die in Asian 'rain bombs,' the western UnitedStates is experiencing drought so extreme that thousands ofsquare miles of desert and forest are burning, and thepersistence of the weather patterns suggest that they areindicators of fundamental climate change.

Flooding in...

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Sudden Change

Not all change is gradual?sometimes even HUGE earth changes can happen suddenly. For instance, we now know that the island that is now the UK became separated from the mainland suddenly 200,000 years ago after a huge flood. And Greenland, which is now covered by a sheet of ice, once WAS green!

BBC News reports that scientists got this...

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Arctic: Still Cold, but Not Cold Enough

Polar bears aren't the only Arctic creatures suffering because their habitat is changing. Research has uncovered alarming evidence that high Arctic ponds, many which have been permanent bodies of water for thousands of years, are completely drying out during the polar summer, due to climate change. Arctic plants are faring better?they are...

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Planting Trees Doesn't Always Help

In order to fulfill the Kyoto Agreement, some countries volunteered to plant more trees, but it turns out that this doesn't help nearly as much as everyone hoped it would. A new study shows that forests in the US and other northern mid- and upper-latitude regions are playing a smaller role in offsetting global warming than previously thought,...

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Mysterious Clouds Caused by Global Warming

A new and mysterious type of cloud has been identified by NASA. These bright and shiny clouds originate in the polar regions of the earth, and may be caused by global warming. In, Dave Mosher quotes atmospheric scientist James Russell as saying, "These observations suggest a connection with global change in the lower atmosphere...

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Controversial Plan to Soak Up CO2 in Ocean

An international environmental organization is opposed to a plan to dump iron dust into the ocean near the Galapagos Islands, where it will encourage the growth of plankton, which absorbs carbon dioxide from the air. The tiny sea creatures known as plankton are the main food consumed by whales and are considered to be the bottom rung in the...

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The End of Civilization?

Six US scientists have issued a warning: civilization is threatened by global warming. These NASA researchers claim that the UN panel on climate change (the IPCC) is UNDERESTIMATING the upcoming sea level rise.

In the Independent, Steve Connor quotes NASA's James Hansen as saying, "?The Earth is getting perilously close to climate...

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Worldwide Storms Cause Major Destruction

Saturday night on Coast to Coast AM, Whitley Strieber and Art Bell had a dynamic discussion about global warming, including the hurricane in the Middle East and the melting of Greenland. Now storms are drowning parts of Australia and China.

At least nine people have been killed by heavy storms in New South Wales, Australia, and over...
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Whitley on Coast Saturday

Whitley Strieber will be on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell on Saturday, June 9, starting at 10 pm Pacific time. They will be talking about the latest global warming emergency: the melting of Greenland--and much MORE. Whitley will extend his free "Grays" tee shirt offer, especially for Coast listeners who take out a new, one-year subscription...

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Global Warming Will Lead to War

As climate change causes floods in some areas and droughts and crop failures in others, battles over land are bound to begin?because there will be a lot less land available. A group of retired US admirals and generals has said that global warming will act as a "threat multiplier," that will topple unstable governments and unleash conflict. The...

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Emergency at the Top?and Bottom?of the Earth

We may not be feeling the effects of global warming much yet, but on both ends of the earth, it has become an emergency. Greenland, which is mainly made of ice, is actually disappearing. And 300 glaciers in Antarctica have are quickly moving into the ocean. All this means higher sea levels for the rest of the world. Whitley Strieber and Art...

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Global Warming: How Hurricanes Help

Hurricane season officially begins in June, and this year, it started a bit early. These powerful swirling storms are triggered by the surface warming of the ocean. But now researchers think they may be nature?s way of SLOWING DOWN global warming by cooling off the ocean.

Atmospheric scientists have found evidence that tropical cyclones...

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First Pacific Tropical Storm--Already

Hurricane season has started early: the first named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season has come and gone even before the official start of the season on June 1, and now a storm has developed enough to be named off the coast of Mexico, and another depression farther out in the Pacific also shows signs of developing into an organized storm....

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Gulf Stream Anomaly May Have Changed UK Weather

Recently, some scientists have been claiming that the Gulf Stream is more stable than thought, but there is now additional evidence that it is weakening. The Gulf Stream'sflow turned south in early May, and continued moving southward through May 15. By May 22, it was beginning to show signs of recovery, however what had been one of the hottest...

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NASA Scientist Warns of Catastrophic Climate Change

Dr. J. E. Hansen, head of NASA's Goddard Institute for SpaceScience and their lead climate scientist, is warning that sea levels could rise fifteen feet over the next hundred years. He says that the scientific community's fear of saying this publicly is threatening our ability to act before it is too late. Sea level rise will cause a continuous...

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