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Deadly Fungus

Coming our way? - Climate change may be responsible for the spread of a potentially deadly fungus among animals and people in the US and Canada. Since freezing can kill the fungus, climate warming have something to do with it showing up along the Pacific Coast.

It started out infecting farm animals and then pets. When it...

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Climate Change: Missing Heat

What's going on here? Much of the substance that makes up our universe appears to be missing, and the same thing is true for climate change. Scientists can only account for roughly half of the heat that is believed to have built up on Earth in recent years. Scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) think we need to pay...

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In the Past it was Fast

Scientists are trying to understand the impending changes in our climate by studying what happened in the past.

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Quickwatch Update

Whitley has updated Quickwatch to show you how our climate may be changing: During the past 2 years, Europe, Siberia and the US were having their coldest winters in years, while the warming trend remained in place at the poles. According to Whitley, "This is not consistent with global warming predictions, which anticipate continuous warming,...

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What Can Cities Can Do to Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Paint roofs white & install boom boxes - With all the emergencies hitting the world right now, thank goodness there are also some amazing new solutions, both high tech and low. In order to make skyscraper roofs reflect sunlight, rather than absorb it, so we don't need so much air conditioning (or we can make sure they...

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Why Trees Don't Help

While governments around the world continue to explore strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, a new study suggests policymakers should focus on what needs to be achieved in the next 40 years in order to keep long-term options viable for avoiding dangerous levels of warming. The trouble is, one of the most obvious things to do is to...

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Huge Iceberg Breaks in Two

Could hasten climate change - An iceberg the size of a small European country has broken off from a glacier in Antarctica after being rammed by another giant iceberg. This could effect the circulation of the jet stream in the ocean, which would in turn affect climate change. It could also be lead to starvation for the local...

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Will We Drown?

Not yet - Before coastal cities around the world shore up their banks, we need to take action. One suggestion is to connect flood plains to rivers so that overflow is no longer a problem. And while, over time, global warming can cause melting glaciers that lead to rising sea levels, scientists in Israel think we'll be able to...

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Not as Bad as Predicted

But scientists don't know why not - It's hotter than ever, and we may have to choose between reducing global warming and solving the problems of the recession. Scientists predict more drought in the Southwest as temperatures rise, but they also can't figure out why things aren't as bad right now as their predictions said they...

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Can We Afford to Stop Global Warming?

Measures being proposed at the Copenhagen conference to curb greenhouse gas emissions are unlikely to affect potential long-term economic growth in the United States.

Economist Martin Ross says that adopting climate legislation would only cause slight changes in the nation's Gross Domestic Product. A study which assessed the impacts of...

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Chinese Glaciers Melting Too

Despite this, China has withdrawn from Climate talks - Who knew that there are glaciers in China as well as at the poles? And just like glaciers everywhere, they are melting! Which is why it's such a shame that China is not cooperating with UN climate negotiations in Cophenhagen.

In fact, the world's third largest ice...

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Hotter Than Ever

As countries all over the world gather in Copenhagen for a summit meeting on climate change, there has been controversy over some intercepted emails from the UK in which climate scientists admit to overstating the case for global warming. The whole topic is confusing, but in fact the news is bad: According to world meteorologists, the first...

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Catastrophe Coming

What's going to happen in the future (and for that matter, what's happening right now that nobody knows about)? Data from 20 million years ago explain why the earth is warming so much faster than expected, and suggest that a phenomenal climate catastrophe could take place within ten years. This is not good news.

Despite the fact that...

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Superstorm Confirmation

Whitley first learned about climate change from the mysterious individual he calls the Master of the Key. Now science has confirmed the theory he put forth in his book "The Coming Global Superstorm," which became the hit film The Day After Tomorrow. Are there more superstorms in our future?

Around 13,000 years ago, it took just a few...

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Will the Earth Recover?

After what we humans have done to it? - Will the earth ever recover from climate changeand pollution? Will WE survive? It turns out that the earth may recover but many of the animals on it won't. It's happened before: 55 million years ago earth had a sudden spike in global warming caused by too many greenhouse gases in the...

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Global Warming: Physicians are Concerned

They don't just warn us about disease, they're worried about global warming too (which can lead to disease), and they're trying to communicate this concern to us.

18 of the world's professional medical organizations say that the recent failure to reach a UN climate agreement will lead to a "global health catastrophe" and urge physicians...

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Desperate Times Call For

desperate measures? - One way of defeating climate change may be through geo-engineering. Suggestions include sending giant mirrors into space to reflect sunlight away from our plant to building gigantic "scrubbers" that would clean CO2 out of the air. Are these ideas gimmicks or real possibilities? If they won't work (or won't...

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Why Don't We Act on Global Warming?

While most Americans think climate change is an important issue, they don't see it as an immediate threat (even though it's affecting people's lives RIGHT NOW in many places) so getting people to "go green" requires policymakers, scientists and marketers to look at our psychological barriers to change. What will lead people to take the action...

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Major Meltdown

The secret is out: US scientists monitoring shrinking glaciers in Washington and Alaska are warning that a major glacier meltdown is under way. Glaciers worldwide are melting faster than anyone had predicted they would, which will lead to rapidly rising ocean levels along the coasts. Major cities may drown, and since this news is so sudden and...

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Secret Evidence of Global Warming

The truth that Bush tried to hide - We all keep hoping the Obama will reveal what the government knows about UFOs, but while this hasn't happened yet, they HAVE revealed some fascinating classified information. Satellite evidence of a huge retreat of polar ice from the shores of northern Alaska between July of 2006 and July of...

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Paving Over What Can Save Our Climate

...and the ocean isn't helping anymore - The West is experiencing global warming due to the greenhouse gasses spewed out by cars and power plants. Less developed countries are heating up because they are PAVING OVER so much of their greenery as they modernize. Meanwhile the Atlantic Ocean, which is one of the main places that...

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Major Ice Shelf Collapsing

The whole world is warming up, and one of the major reasons for this is the melting of glaciers at both ends of the earth. And sea levels are rising: a nearly ice-free Arctic Ocean in the summer may happen three times sooner than scientists have estimated, causing major coastal cities to drown.

New research says the Arctic might lose...

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Global Warming?Changing the Borders

Climate change is actually forcing Italy and Switzerland to alter the border between their two countries, because so many of the glaciers in the area are melting. Who knows what will be revealed by this next?

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A Warmer Future

What will it mean? Ask your local lake! - Four degrees Celsius is the equivalent of 7.2degrees Fahrenheit, and this is the amount that the earth is projected to warm up in the future. It seems like a small change, but it could have major repercussions.

In New Scientist, Gaia Vince writes: "Alligators basking offthe...

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Where are the Emissions Coming From?

It's still a mystery - Pollution cuts the earth in half and so does global warming. NASA satellites are tracking just where, on the earth, the most greenhouse gases are being emitted?so countries can no longer plead ignorance about what's going on within (or rising up from) their borders.

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All We Need Is?

?a little more time to plan - Maybe the earth is giving us a little more time to save it. New research shows that we should be looking to the ground, not the sky, to see where climate change could have its most perilous impact on life on Earth. And scientists have discovered that some of their computer climate models?the ones...

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Who (or What) is Changing our Climate?

While Earth has experienced many changes in climate over the past 65 million years, recent decades have experienced the most significant climate change since the beginning of human civilized societies about 5,000 years ago. We can't blame the sun (especially not now), so who CAN we blame? The answer, alas, is us.

In 2007, a report by the...

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Rain?Too Much or Not Enough

Either way, it means the end of nations - The Maldives are drowning and the president-elect of that country is trying to buy a new homeland, since they can't get any other country to take them in as refugees.

The nation of Maldives is a group of over 1,000 islands in the Indian Ocean that together comprise the lowest...

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Global Warming Will Cause More Disease

One remedy: white paint! - Twelve pathogens could spread into new regions of the world, as a result of global warming. The "Deadly Dozen" list?including such diseases as malaria, bird flu, Ebola, cholera, and tuberculosis?show the broad range of diseases that threaten both humans and animals as the world gets warmer.

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Global Warming: Good News?

(sort of?for now, anyway) - Researchers say that ocean levels will definitely rise during the next 100 years, but they're not likely to rise more than 7 feet. This would still be high enough to flood most coastal cities around the world. Is this good news or bad news?

In BBC News, Richard Black quotes USGS researcher...

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