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If Climate Change Accelerates, Can Plants and Animals Keep Up?

No matter WHAT ELSE 2012 brings, there's one thing we KNOW will continue in the future: Climate change and the resulting extinction of many animal species.

The ranges of species will have to change dramatically as a result of...
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Were Neanderthals Frozen Out?

It may have been the WEATHER that did them in. Researcher Julien Riel-Salvatore says, "It's been long believed that Neanderthals were outcompeted by fitter modern humans and they could not adapt. We are changing the main narrative. Neanderthals were just as adaptable and in many ways, simply victims of their own success."

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Is This the Beginning of the End?

It's happened: Methane, previously trapped in the ocean floors, is out gassing into the atmosphere at an ...
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Insects Fight Terrorism

New research may lead to the use of insects to monitor hazardous situations before sending in humans. But we'd better get there soon, because...
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Horror Movies May Come to Life

Is the horror of the "Creature From the Black Lagoon" in our future? As...
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World War III Will be Caused by Climate Change

The next war won't be over conflicts in Asia or the Middle East--between India and Pakistan or Israel and the Palestinians. If history is any guide, it will be a result of...
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Cold Weather? Blame the Sun

Can the sun cause cold weather? Cold winters that have dumped tons of snow on areas like the Northeastern US may have their origins in the sun's varying ultraviolet emissions. Recent satellite data shows that the sun's UV output is far more changeable than scientists had previously thought, and these changes lead to warmer winters in some places...
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A Wonderful New Tool to Detect Climate Change

Not all Smartphone "apps" are ominous--some of them are wonderful (and fun!). Here's another...
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Climate Change Facts are CLASSIFIED

By now, climate change is obvious to everyone except the most ardent deniers. But the data collected by the Center on Climate Change and National Security remains classified. What are they...
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Can the Ocean Save Us?

The planet's deep oceans at times may absorb enough heat to flatten the rate of global warming for periods of as long as a decade even in the midst of longer-term warming. According to a new analysis led by the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR),...
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Cooling the Earth: Pollution and Cosmic Rays

Pollution causes climate change and also helps prevent it, but what it does MOST is make it hard to forecast what will happen to our weather in the future (if you order our...
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Listen for the Lies

Don't vote for the laughing candidate or the depressed candidate--vote for the candidate who will keep JUNK SCIENCE...
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Wildfires are Burning: Another Reason Why

In past decade, almost 78,000 fires have burned almost 7 million acres in the US and Texas is burning right now. There are several reasons for this: one of them has to do with climate change, but the other may be invasive plant...
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Do We Still Have a Chance?

When it comes to climate change, the answer is probably "no."'s Climate Watch warned that extreme summer ice melt this year will be accompanied by methane outgassing that will, in...
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Texas is Burning

Texas is home to presidential candidate Rick Perry, who denies global warming, but parts of the state are burning, due to a drought of historic proportions that has been intensified by excessive...
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The Secret Behind the Arab Spring

Riots in the Middle East are inspiring similar riots in the West. Last February in his online journal, Whitley Strieber offered the opinion that the Arab world was exploding not because of a...
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Hot Weather May Make Us Fat

It's not cool to be fat, but fat people may be cool. Fat dogs are cool, and obese people may be, too. Psychologist Roberto Refinetti studied the relationship between body temperature and body weight in lean and obese dogs. His findings showed that obese dogs have lower body temperature than lean dogs, and the difference in temperature is enough to...
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Will We Run Out of Food in the Future?

Due to Hurricane Irene, we're mostly hearing about flooding in the US at the moment, but there is a drought of historic proportions going on in Texas right now. Climate change will lead to even more weather extremes in the future.
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Volcanoes Could be Cooling the Earth

When it comes to climate change, it turns out that volcanoes may NOT be heating up the atmosphere--instead, they may function as a kind of natural air conditioning system. In order to stave off climate...
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Tiny Countries are Drowning

China's pollution may be holding back global warming somewhat, but sea levels are still rising, due to...
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Can our Oceans Keep Cleaning Up our Air?

How deep is the ocean’s capacity to buffer against climate change? Right now our oceans absorb almost one-third of all our greenhouse gas emissions. During the past three decades, increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide have largely been matched by...
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A Beautiful Park May Soon Burn Up

Scientists have been worried for years that the supervolcano underneath Yellowstone will explode, but there's a more immediate concern about the health of that beautiful national park: Fire. ...
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We Don't Just Predict It--It's Here!

As if any further proof was needed that climate change is under way, as North America broils in brutal heat, South America is experiencing one of its coldest winters on record.

When researchers studied core sediments from a shallow boreal lake, they found that storm activity has...
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Could a Sudden Massive Methane Release Happen Again?

We're still releasing the potent greenhouse gas methane into the atmosphere today, but there was a massive release in the past: About 55 million years ago, the Earth burped up a massive release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere--an amount equivalent to burning...
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Glacier Melt--Good for Big Business, Bad for Drowning Residents

The Arctic is melting, but not everyone is worried--in fact, it's opening up large reserves of oil and minerals that are causing a "cold rush" by various countries who want to mine the area. It may even lead to a new "cold war:" The US recently...
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What is REALLY Changing Our Weather

When it comes to climate change, cow farts--not people farts--are the problem: Cow emissions are actually one of the major causes of our terrible...
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Wildfires Cause Climate Change

This season's massive Arizona fires have destroyed dozens of structures and burned nearly three-quarters of a million acres. But they've also done something else: They also are contributing to global warming by upsetting the carbon balance while they are burning and for years to come. Trees breathe in carbon dioxide, but how long they hold onto it...
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Why Our Brains are Smaller Now

Archeologists have found evidence from 20,000 to 30,000-year-old human skulls that both human height and brain size are shrinking. The cause of this? Farming. This shrinkage started about 10,000 years ago, when humans moved from the hunter-gatherer life to agriculture.

In, Deborah Braconnier writes, "While the change...
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Christmas is Not the Giving Season

It's spring! Many people are relieved that this spring, which brought terrible weather to many places, has past, and that summer is here. Does spring weather really change our behavior?...
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Why it's Wise to Play Your Hunch

It’s an unfamiliar neighborhood and you find yourself in the middle of a bunch of streets and buildings you’ve never seen before. Giving the environment a quick once-over, you make a snap decision about whether you’re safe or not. And chances are, that first "gut" call is the right one.
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