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Why Kyoto Won't Work

According to new research, the Kyoto Protocol to halt climate change, which the U.S. refuses to sign, won't work because it's based on a scientific fallacy. The protocol allows countries to meet their targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions over the next decade by planting forests to soak up carbon dioxide. But the soil in these new...

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Climate Changed by Cosmic Rays

German scientists have discovered groups of charged particles in the lower atmosphere that eventually cause dense clouds to form. These particles are generated by cosmic rays coming from the Sun. The clouds which are formed play a major role in the climate?some cool the Earth, while others actually heat it up.

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Global Warming Blamed on Soot

Large amounts of soot particles and other pollutants are causing changes in rainfall and temperatures in China. This may be the reason Asia has had so floods and droughts recently. Scientists think soot may be a major cause of global warming, which shifts the responsibility for controlling climate change to developing nations such as China and...

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Land Changes Worse Than Greenhouse Gases

The way humans alter the Earth's surface may be a major cause of climate change. NASA scientists say the way land is used is probably just as important as greenhouse gas emissions, and changes in the surface of the land in the tropics may have a greater influence on climate than El Nino.

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Global Warming Blamed for Floods

The recent flooding of European cities has made scientists wonder if the weather is permanently changing. There is growing evidence of a link between global warming and the floods and droughts that have devastated parts of Asia and Europe this year.

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Satellites Reveal Rapid Polar Melting

Recent NASA satellite images and space-based measurements of the thickness of Earth's polar ice sheets show they are melting much more rapidly than we thought. Large areas of ice in southeast Greenland, West Antarctica and the Antarctic Peninsula are changing rapidly and scientists don't understand why this is happening so fast. NASA?s Eric...

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Sinking Nations Stage a Protest

Pacific island nations are the places that are most at risk of sinking due to rising sea levels caused by global warming. Tuvalu Prime Minister Saufatu Sopoanga predicts the Pacific will completely submerge his country in 50 years. Tuvalu is a nation of about 11,000 people that measures just 10 square miles. A string of nine coral atolls,...

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No More Ice Ages on Earth?

The Earth could be entering into an irreversible greenhouse state, meaning there will be no more ice ages in the future. This would end a weather cycle that has taken place on Earth for 2.8 million years. But now, global warming caused by emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases could tip the Earth into a completely new climate state in...

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Crowds Changing City Weather

Tokyo has become so crowded that the accumulated heat from all the human activity is changing local weather patterns. "We are seeing more than just an increase in temperatures," says Shuhei Akashi, of Japan's Central Meteorological Agency. "It is changing rain patterns and humidity as well."

The warming of crowded cities to one or two...

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Photos Proof of Global Warming

Greenpeace has released photographs which dramaticallydemonstrate global warming. Travelers to the coast of the Norwegian island of Svalbardtook photos of the Blomstrandbreen glacier shown fromexactly the same spot as in 1918 photos, revealing how muchthe glacier has melted in the last 84 years.

The contrast between the two photos is...

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History Washing Away

Catastrophes that leave thousands homeless, such as theforest fires in the western U.S., are always tragic.However, global warming, which brings weather extremes suchas alternating drought and flooding, is even worse becauseit can wash away hundreds of years of human history andculture in a few weeks.

Due to heavy rains in the Czech...

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Major Signal of Coming Climate Change

The shape of the Earth has suddenly changed, becomingflatter. This reverses the course of centuries, during whichtime the Earth grew rounder every year. Scientists thinkthis is being caused by ocean currents dropping down towardthe equator, as predicted in "The Coming Global Superstorm"by Art Bell & Whitley Strieber.

The Earth has...

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Global Warming Means More Monsoons

Asian monsoons have been intensifying over the last 400years, and they're only going to get worse. Stronger monsoonrains will cause severe flooding and erosion, affecting halfthe world's population.

The South Asian monsoon carries rain to billions of peoplein India, China, Bangladesh, and other countries. Themonsoon season begins in...

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We're Heating Up Fast

The first six months of the year have been thesecond-warmest ever and average global temperatures in 2002could be the highest ever recorded, according to weatherexperts in the U.K. It's heated up so much that the weatheris even causing train derailments. "Globally 2002 is likelyto be warmerthan 2001, and may even break the record set in 1998,"...

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Global Warming is Destroying National Parks

You?d better not postpone that trip to a national park much longer, because scientists say global warming is destroying U.S. parks, forests, marine sanctuaries and wildlife refuges. An environmental group called the Bluewater Network plans to file petitions with the Departments of Interior, Agriculture and Commerce asking them to minimize the...

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A Warmer Planet is a Sicker Planet

Scientists warn that infectious diseases will rise as the world gets warmer. Human malaria, butterflies with parasites, diseased corals, and trees overgrown with fungus are some of the things awaiting us as the Earth warms up. Entire species of animals could be wiped out.

Human tropical diseases will become more common as tropical...

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Global Warming Fix is Affordable

People will be 5 times as rich as they are now in 100 years. Most of us won?t live that long, but if we?re willing to be 5 times as rich in 102 years instead?just 2 years later?we can afford to solve the problems that are causing global warming. Think we?ll do it?

U.S. climate scientist Stephen Schneider and Swedish energy economist...

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Phoenix Needs to Cool Off Fast

Phoenix is a successful, growing city but it?s getting far too hot. Residents experience temperatures like 100 degrees F at 10:30 a.m. and they?re looking for a way to cool off. Phoenix wasn?t always this hot. In 1949, the average temperature for July was 90.4 degrees. Last year's average temperature for July was 94.2 degrees.

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California Warming Up?Along With Thirsty Rats

At the University of California, said Lisa Sloan, an associate professor of Earth sciences, has figured out how global warming will effect the climate of California within the next 50 to 100 years.

One effect that doesn?t surprise anyone is that there will be less water around. "Everybody has guessed at the effects on water resources,...

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Bush Says Global Warming Real?And Harmful

President Bush has sent a report titled ?U.S. Climate Action Report 2002? to the United Nations, which details the specific and far-reaching effects that global warming will inflict on the U.S. environment. For the first time, the Bush administration blames recent global warming on human actions and says the main cause is the burning of fossil...

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Tough Times for Butterflies and Bears

Dawn Levy writes that since 1960, biologist Paul Ehrlich and his research group have been conducting a study of the population of Jasper Ridge's Bay checkerspot butterflies. But now they won't be able to continue their study, because the last two Jasper Ridge populations went extinct in 1991 and 1998. After examining 70 years of rainfall and...

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Earth Warming Faster Than Expected

Planet earth is warming up faster than previously expected, according to Geoff Jenkins, head of the Hadley Center for Climate Prediction and Research. Dying forests, expanding deserts and rising sea levels will wreak havoc on human and animal lives sooner than anticipated as global warming accelerates. He says, "It looks like it will be warmer...

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Looking for Climate Clues in Alaska

Glaciologist Lonnie Thompson, of Ohio State University, wants to read the record of ancient weather trapped inside ice from Alaskan glaciers that date back thousands of years. He?s going on his 44th expedition to the remote region of the Wrangell-St. Elias Mountain range on the U.S.-Canadian Border. There, in an ice-filled area between two...

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NY Times Supports Superstorm Scenario

The New York Times declared that airplane flight was impossible?shortly before the Wright Brothers had their first successful flight. They declared that Roswell consisted of crash test dummies being tossed from airplanes years after the event actually happened. (Although, to be fair, Maureen Dowd in her column doubted the absurd Air Force story...

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Trees Won?t Save Us From Greenhouse Gas

U.S. and Brazilian researchers say waterways in the Amazon are releasing far more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than previously thought. That finding suggests tropical rainforests are not carbon ?sinks? that protect the Earth from excess CO2.

Using satellite radar imagery and streamflow measurements, researchers determined that the...

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Ireland Shrinking, London Sinking

Ireland is shrinking warns Andrew Cooper, director of the Coastal Research Group at the University of Ulster. He says the sea is swallowing up about 750 acres of Ireland each year, and warns that the process would quicken.

He says global warming will subject Ireland?s shores, particularly along the northern and western Atlantic coasts,...

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Global Warming Brings New Disease

In 1994, during an unusually cold January in Maryland, birdwatchers began noticing red finches with swollen, crusty eyes. They sat alone on the bird feeders, with ruffled feathers while healthy birds flitted around them. Within weeks, sick finches were reported far beyond the Washington area where they were first observed. By the end of the...

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Eskimos Cope With Global Warming

Usha Lee McFarling of the Los Angeles Times reports that Eskimos are trying to cope with the fact that the ice in Russia, Alaska, Canada and Greenland has started to thaw. Thunder and lightning, which were once rare, have become common. A strange warm wind now blows in from the south. Hunters who prided themselves on their ability to read the...

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Bush Gives In to Oil Industry Pressure

The Bush administration has withdrawn its support for Robert Watson, the American atmospheric scientist who is seeking re-election as head of the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change when it holds its election later this month in Geneva. The State Department says it will support Rajendra Pachauri, the Indian government?s nominee, to...

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Warming Earth Crust Proves Global Warming

A team of American and Canadian researchers has found proof of global warming: the temperature of the Earth?s crust is increasing at a remarkable rate. ?We can now say we truly have global warming,? says Dr. Hugo Beltrami, a geophysicist at St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia.

Until now most data on global warming has been...

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