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Vote in Sci Fi Poll

This week, the Sci Fi channel is running a poll about the new movie The Day After Tomorrow based on The Coming Global Superstorm by Art Bell and Whitley Strieber. Sci Fi is owned by Fox, the company that is also distributing the movie. They ask: "Do you believe such a scenario is possible?" So far, about 4,000 people have voted. 48% say, "Yes....

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NASA Can Talk After All

In an earlier story, we reported that the White House issued an order stating that "No one from NASA is to do interviews or otherwise comment on anything having to do with" the film The Day After Tomorrow. But NASA public affairs administrator Glenn Mahone now says, "We encourage our researchers to openly answer all appropriate questions...

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Is Climate Change on the Way?

Our readers and listeners are some of the best informed people around, when it comes to global warming. So in our new poll, we decided to ask you if you think sudden climate change is on its way in the next few years.

In our last poll, we asked you about your religion. 25% of you are Catholics, 21% are Moderate Christians and 19% are...

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A Couple of "Nuts" Told the Truth

Whitley writes in his new Journal: "As the currents in the world's oceans show signs of slowing and the initial phases of sudden climate change become noticeable across the planet, "The Day After Tomorrow," the mega-movie inspired by The Coming Global Superstorm is due to hit the screens on May 28?Despite the fact that Twentieth Century Fox is...

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Will New Movie Wake People Up?

This weekend's Drudge Report says, "Employees at NASA have been told not to comment publicly on Fox's new summer fuss-film The Day After Tomorrow" for fear that "moviegoers will be alarmed enough to blame the Bush administration for inattention to climate change. 'No one from NASA is to do interviews or otherwise comment on anything having to...

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First Robin Seen in Far North

In Spring, many of us look for signs that the weather is warming, and one of these is the first sighting of a robin. Recently Inuits living in Northern Canada had the same experience?for the first time ever. Are robins in the far north a sign of global warming?

Martin Mittelstaedt writes for the Canada Globe & Mail that the Inuits (...

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Ice Sheet Melt Will Drown Coastal Cities

The Greenland ice sheet will eventually melt away, according to a new computer study. When this happens, sea levels will rise by 23 feet, flooding most of the world's coastal regions. Most major cities are situated on coasts, because they grew up as ports and trading centers. Climatologist Jonathan Gregory says this will "probably be...

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Memo to Congress: Deny, Deny, Deny

We earlier reported that scientists are complaining that the Bush administration is promoting junk science in order to justify its programs. Now an internal memo that was sent to Republican congressmen about the upcoming Presidential election has been leaked. It tells them to say things like "global warming is not a fact," "links between air...

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Carbon Dioxide at Record Levels

Despite new concern about the dangers of global warming, carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas, has reached record high levels in the atmosphere. Climatologist Ralph Keeling says, "We are moving into a warmer world." Why is this happening now, despite new awareness of the problem?

Charles J. Hanley quotes NOAA's Pieter Tans as saying...

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African Wars Caused by Weather

In the February 1994 edition of the Atlantic Monthly, researcher Robert Kaplan wrote an article called "The Coming Anarchy," stating that, "For a while the media will continue to ascribe riots and other violent upheavals...mainly to ethnic and religious conflict. But as these conflicts multiply, it will become apparent that something else is...

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NASA Warns of Coming Climate Change

The idea that global warming could send North America and Western Europe into an ice age within a few decades can no longer be called a conspiracy theory by skeptics, now that NASA is taking it seriously.

According to the NASA website: "The thawing of sea ice covering the Arctic could disturb or even halt large currents in the Atlantic...

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Pentagon Report: Tempest in a Teacup?

The authors of the secret Pentagon global warming report now say they were only reporting a "worst case" scenario. Futurologist Peter Schwartz says that "unlikely though such events are, such studies are valuable?as valuable as if, say, someone in the 1990s had investigated the highly unlikely looking possibility that someone would try to...

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Secret Pentagon Global Warming Report

The Pentagon's secret climate report warns that in next 20 years, there could be a global catastrophe costing millions of lives in wars and natural disasters. Major European cities will be sunk beneath rising seas and Britain will have a "Siberian" climate by 2020. Nuclear conflict, major droughts, famine and widespread rioting will spread...

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Scientists Say Bush Government Lied

A report by 60 top scientists, including 20 Nobel Prize winners, says the Bush government distorts scientific facts "to prevent the appearance of advice that might run counter to the administration's political agenda." Dr. Kurt Gottfried says, "We are not?taking issue with the administration's policies. We are taking issue with the...

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How Farming Can Reverse Climate Change

We recently wrote about how the world survived past global warming. More rain and higher sea levels eroded leached calcium and magnesium from rocks into the ocean, where it became bound to the dissolved CO2, forming the harmless substance calcium carbonate and reducing the amount of carbon dioxide. Over a period of many years, the Earth...

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Whitley Tells Secret Behind Global Warming

Whitley has posted a new commentary about his book The Key on the subscriber section, telling the behind-the-scenes details about how the Master of the Key first gave him information that led him to piece together the scientific information leading to The Coming Global Superstorm. If you're a subscriber, you can buy The Key at a discount, so...

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Climate Change May Make Us Tiny

We know that during major climate change events,warming ocean waters cause cracks in the ocean floor to open up and release large quantities of methane gas into the air. Methane is an extremely powerful greenhouse gas, which results in even more devastating heat retention and dramatic climate change. But now it turns out that methane causes...

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Neanderthals Couldn't Take the Cold?Can We?

The Neanderthals suddenly disappeared 30,000 years ago because they didn't have enough primitive technology to survive the ice age, while our ancestors had barely enough to make it through. There's another ice age on the way?will we make it this time?

Douglas Palmer writes in New Scientist that using data from archeological sites,...

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How Earth Survived Past Global Warming

Scientists in the U.K. have figured out how the Earth recovered from a sudden episode of global warming during the time of the dinosaurs. This could help us understand how to survive the upcoming climate change.

Global warming caused the erosion of rocks to increase by 400%, leaching calcium and magnesium into the ocean. This erosion...

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Pentagon Says Weather Wars in Our Future

In Major Media Finally Gets It, we wrote about Fortune Magazine's report on the Pentagon's concerns that global warming could cause weather changes that lead to war. Now the Soldiers for the Truth website reports on what the Pentagon actually said.

They report that "Pentagon planner Andrew Marshall, who heads up the DoD Office of Net...

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Major Media Finally Gets It

After years of writing about how sudden climate change could be triggered by a change in the Gulf Stream on this website, and in The Coming Global Superstorm?and being totally ignored by the major media?the big news organizations are finally starting to "get it." This week, Fortune Magazine and The New York Times both wrote about upcoming...

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History's Greatest Disaster has Begun

In his new journal, Whitley writes: "The greatest environmental catastrophe in recorded history is now unfolding. The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute has announced that the North Atlantic Oscillation is failing, and, along with it, the Gulf Stream...Polar waters are becoming far less saline, meaning that the "heat pump" effect that draws...

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Permanent Winter Coming Soon

The media still doesn't understand global warming. Last summer, when people were dying from the hot weather in Europe, they wrote about the world warming up. Now, when incredibly harsh winter weather is sweeping across the northern hemisphere, they deny the problem exists. But with global warming, not only will some places heat up?others will...

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A Hole in the Sky

David Whitehouse writes in that a giant hole appeared in a layer of clouds in Mobile, Alabama, caused by changes in atmospheric temperatures due to global warming. The hole formed when the contrails from a passing plane froze and fell through a cloud, causing the water droplets inside it to evaporate. The warmer lower atmosphere has...

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Desperate Scientists May Try Sun Shield

Since the small, practical actions necessary to help prevent global warming have not been taken, scientists are now considering crazy schemes to get the job done.

Mark Townsend writes in The Observer that U.K. climate scientists are proposing to build a massive shield on the edge of space that would deflect the Sun's rays and stabilize...

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Crazy Plans for Global Warming

The debate about whether or not the Earth is heating up is over, and scientists are now figuring out what changes will need to be made in the future, due to global warming. Researchers say, "Many of these possible options are highly speculative at present, and some may even appear to be crazy."

Alex Kirby reports in on a U.K...

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Singles Changing the Climate

The growing number of small and single-person households is creating huge climate problems. Researcher Jan Kooijman says this is because each household needs many essential items that would otherwise be shared. These range from disposable items, like toothpaste, to larger items, like TVs and furniture. The production of each item releases...

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Our Oceans are Changing

The ocean in the tropics, by the equator, has become must saltier over the past 40 years, while the parts of the ocean close to the poles has become less salty. This shows that major ocean currents are changing?currents that are a fundamental part of the weather system here on Earth.

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Global Dimming

In 1985, researcher Atsumu Ohmura discovered that it's too dark. When he checked the levels of sunlight recorded in Europe and compared them to similar measurements made in the 1960s, he found that levels of solar radiation hitting the Earth had declined by more than 10%.

David Adam writes in The Guardian that this is happening despite...

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What to Do About Airplane Warming

Airplanes contribute to global warming because their contrails turn into cirrus clouds, which trap heat rising from the Earth. Now there's a solution: if planes fly 6,000 feet lower, it will reduce contrails by 47%. While we search for solutions to modern problems, scientists have discovered that humans began warming the climate 10,000 years...

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