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Do We Have a Death Wish?

In his latestJournal, Whitleywrites: "Unfortunately, we are in a time of horrific crisisfar beyond anything I imagined when Art Bell and I wroteSuperstorm. It is so much worse than I expected then that Ialmost can't believe what I am seeing." Do wehave a death wish? We might, and Whitley tellswhy the idea that self-destruction is a good thing...

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Humans Cause Global Warming

Newswise - Lately, everyone from government officials to radiocommentators has tried to blame global warming on sunspotsand even volcanoes, implying that the warming, whicheveryone now agrees is happening, is not the fault of humanbeings. A famous novelist has even written a book sayingthat global warming is a left wing...

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Sleepwalking Towards Apocalypse

In the future, historians may wonder how we sleepwalked ourway into ecological disaster. The UN's Rajendra Pachaurisays the CO2 which causes global warming has reached"dangerous" levels. Stephen Byers, who reports to PrimeMinister Tony Blair on global warming, says we could reach"the point of no return" in ten years. Even Lord Oxburgh,the head...

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Climate Change Will be Worse Than We Thought

Despite some extreme weather events recently, most of usremain untouched by global warming, making it easy toconsider it an abstract theory?something that's not reallygoing to affect us. A recent novel says it's all a left wingplot, which is even more reassuring to people who like tokeep their heads in the sand. But scientists who study...

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Bush Appointee Warns About Climate Change

After Exxon complained that the U.S. government's last UNIPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) chairman,Robert Watson, was being too hard on them, Bush backedRajendra Pachauri for the post, assuming that he wouldsupport our government's stance on climate change. NowPachauri is warning that global warming has hit the dangerpoint and...

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Our World is Changing?Soon Yours Will Be Too

Sheila Watt-Cloutier is a Inuit leader who is taking a standagainst global warming, because her world is melting. She was elected as the head of the Inuit CircumpolarConference, which represents the 155,000 Inuit who live inAlaska, Canada, Greenland and Chukotka, Russia. Her remarkswere originally printed in The Guardian newspaper on January15...

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Weather Goes Wild

Brazil has so few tornadoes that it doesn't even have theequipment to forecast them, but the town of Crici

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed.

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EU Pleads for Global Warming Agreement--US Says No

Twelve days of talks on the future of earth's climate endedin failure in Buenos Aires yesterday as the European Unionsaid that the US has blocked all efforts to come to even amodest agreement to reduce worldwide emissions after theyear 2012 when the Kyoto Treaty expires.

This made it certain that there would be no...

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Indonesia Fires Major Global Warming Problem

Peat burning in bogs in Indonesia may be the explanation forthe sharp rise in atmospheric CO2 that was observed lastyear. CO2 is the main gas responsible for atmosphericwarming, and it has been rising since record keeping beganin 1950. The rate of increase has risen from around 0.8parts per million per year in the 1960s to around 1.5 ppmper...

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Another Greenhouse Gas

Belching and farting sheep and cattle account for a fifth ofall global emissions of methane, a greenhouse gas that isworse than carbon dioxide (CO2). But a new vaccine can helpthe animals pass less gas.

A vaccine against the three microbes which produce methanein sheep stomachs reduced methane belches by 8% in a 13-hourtest. Eventually...

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Climate Swings in the Past

Tree rings and ice cores may not accurately reveal howwidely the climate changed in the past, according toscientists who have studied weather data from the last 1,000years. This is important to know as scientists try to figureout if current bizarre weather, such as the recenthurricanes in Florida, is related to global warming.

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Fish Turning Up in Strange Places

Due to global warming and the pole shift now in progress,birds and insects have been turning up in places wherethey've never been seen before. Now this is happening withmarine life as well.

In British Columbia, fisherman Gudy Gudmundseth caught thefirst Humboldt squid ever seen in that area. At 6? feet and44-pounds, it was an amazing...

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Coming Closer to Sudden Climate Change

Levels of carbon dioxide accumulating in the atmosphere aresharply increasing, which means that climate change mayoccur sooner than expected.

Michael McCarthy writes in the Independent that the suddenjump in CO2 can't be explained by a sudden increase ingreenhouse gases from utilities or automobiles?because therehasn't been one.


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African Wars Really Over Climate Change

Environmentalists predict that global warming, which canlead to droughts and encroaching deserts, will lead to warsin the future. This is already happening in Africa.

Ed Stoddard writes that many African conflicts there can betraced back to increasingly parched and degraded land. SouthAfrican environmentalist Crispian Olver says, "From...

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Giant Dogs Once Roamed the Earth

There were giant dogs roaming North America 50 millionyears, but they got killed off by the changing climate. Theywere bigger than today's wolves and had gigantic teeth thatcould crush bones. In fact, the diversity of all largemammals on Earth plummeted starting during the last Ice Age,which occurred around that time, and the extinctions...

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Toxic Algae Near Seattle

An unusually large bloom of toxic algae, which could poisonboth humans and shellfish, has been detected in the oceanoff the northwest coast of Washington state. OceanographerVera Trainer says,"The levels of toxin are the highest we've ever seen."Shellfish tainted by the same type of poisonous algae offPrince Edward Island in Canada killed 3...

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Why China is Watching Day After Tomorrow

It was recently announced that Chinese officials haveadvised all climate scientists to view the Day AfterTomorrow film, inspired byTheComing Global Superstorm by Art Bell and Whitley Strieber.Now we'velearned why: China's glaciers are melting so quickly due toglobal warming that they will disappear in 100 years,increasing floods in some places...

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Where to Go to Avoid Global Warming

A computer program that predicts regional climate changereveals that that global warming won?t be as severe in thecentral United States as in other parts of the country. Thisarea includes Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska and Oklahoma.

Atmospheric scientist Zaitao Pan says, "The modeling showedthat warming in the United States will be stronger in...

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The Devastation of September UPDATE

In his newJournal,Whitley writes: "September, 2004, has been a terrible monthon planet earth. We have suffered one of the greatestsequence of storms in recent memory, with devastation fromthe United States to China to Bangladesh?Billions of dollarsand hundreds of lives have been lost. It will get worse andworse and worse, unless we act at once...

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No More Winter in Europe

A new report from the European Environment Agency saysEuropean winters will disappear by 2080 unless globalwarming slows down there. This may be why global warming isin the headlines in the U.K. and Europe, while it's hardlycommented on in the U.S. press.

Gaia Vince writes in New Scientist that Europe is warmingmore quickly than the...

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Think the Weather's Getting Stranger?

Vote in our newpoll. Tell uswhether "It's about normal where I am," "It's been very strangelately" or "I think all this global warming stuff is a bunchof hype." Keep reading to learn the results of last week'spoll.

Last week we asked you, "Do you believe that John Kerrydeserves his Vietnam medals?" We had to adjust the poll toremove...

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What Warming Will Do to Us

While climate change kills off many species, scientists havefound evidence that it brings genetic changes to others?andthose are the ones that stay healthiest. Can humans use thisinformation to make it through the upcoming climate changes?

Biologist Elizabeth A. Hadly studied two kinds of rodentsfound in Yellowstone National Park in...

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Changes All Around Us

We've recently posted stories about birds and butterfliesmissing from their usual haunts and sometimes turning up instrange places. This could be due to global warming or tothe pole shift now in progress, which will affect migratoryanimals. We've also posted a story about leaves changingmuch earlier than usual, which predicts an especially...

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Have We Reached the Tipping Point?

There may be "tipping points" on Earth. When these change,the entire climate begins to alter and this change may beirreversible.

Researchers think there are 12 "hotspots" which regulate theEarth's environment. If one of these is subjected to stress,it could trigger large-scale, rapid changes in the entireplanet. But we don't know how to...

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More Hurricanes to Come

Ivan is on its way towards Florida, but this probably won'tbe the last major storm to hit the U.S. this year. NASAmeteorologist Marshall Shepherd says, "Over the past fewyears, we've seen an increasing trend toward greateractivity in the Atlantic Basin and increased strength instorms. [That] has been leading us to believe that we aregoing to...

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The Die is Cast

In his newInsight,Whitley Strieber writes: "We have entered unchartedterritory, and things are not going to get better. In fact,the planet will, over the next ten or so years, becomeunable to support as many people as it does now. A diebackof the human species will begin during the next decade?Giventhe geopolitical situation in which we find...

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Leaves are Turning Early

Global warming is changing the weather, but to say it'sgetting warmer (or colder) is too simple. Birds and insectsthat are sensitive to subtle alterations in the climatereveal these changes by moving to new areas. Now botanistsare noticing another change: leaves are turning colorearlier than usual.

This is being noticed in southern...

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U.S. Government Finally Faces Facts

A new government report calledOurChanging Planet says people are responsible for the globalwarming of the past 30 years. This idea has long beenaccepted by scientists, but has been resisted by bigbusiness interests in the White House who don't want toforce industries to curb their greenhouse gas emissions orproduce low-emission cars.


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Fewer Lobsters, Except in Maine

Butterfliesand birds aremissing from some areas and turning up in others?and now thesame thing is happening with lobsters. There are fewerlobsters than there used to be everywhere along the EastCoast except Maine, where there are more lobsters than everbefore. Scientists are trying to discover why this ishappening.

Jeff Donn writes that...

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A Final Glass of Wine

We may soon say good-bye to wines from Italy and France,since those regions are becoming too warm to grow grapes.But it won't be the end of wine?we'll be drinking GermanChianti and English Champagne instead.

Climatologist Gregory Jones says, "We estimate that within50 years temperatures in the region of Chianti, wheresummers are already...

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