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Record Year for Tropical Storms

Wacky weather caused by global warming continues. Consistent with predictions that this would be a stormy summer, July has set a record for the number of tropical storms spawned in the Atlantic. It was also the second hottest July on record, and a month that saw some of the greatest extremes of drought and flooding ever recorded. The Indian...

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Bolt from the Blue

In the latest incident of wacky weather, the National Weather Service in Phoenix reports a lightning bolt so powerful it looked like a volcano and sounded like a dynamite blast. It damaged 13 homes in the area.

After striking one house, the lightning spread to other houses in the neighborhood through wet soil and underground wiring....

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Have We Reached the Tipping Point?

A massive, unexpected thaw that covers an area of Siberia the size of France and Germany combined is now releasing billions of tons of the super global warming gas methane into the atmosphere. This will cause the kind of methane spike that preceded the last period of extreme warming 15,000 years ago, which was followed by a violent change to a...

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Alaska Still the Canary in the Coal Mine

Coal miners used to take canaries in cages down into the pit with them. If the birds expired, they would know that oxygen was short and it was time to return to the surface. Alaska seems to be the place in the US that is the global warming canary in the coal mine, because the signs of warming weather are showing up there first.


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Wacky Weather Continues?Hottest Summer Ever

It's official: the weather bureau has announced that this is the hottest summer ever in the US. At least 40 people have died from the heat in Phoenix, but places that are usually much cooler in the summer, such as upstate New York, are experiencing an incredible heat wave as well. As those of you familiar with global warming know, the world...

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Global Warming Really Here

Despite what the government and car manufacturers would like you to believe, the fact is that global warming is really here. One thing that will slow down the Gulf Stream, the powerful ocean current that brings warm water (and weather) to the UK and the rest of Europe, is dilution of the ocean?s salt level, due to an influx of freshwater from...

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Sea Level Rise Reversal

Current estimates indicate that the global sea level is rising due to global warming and glacier shrinkage. Recent scientific studies have shown that a variety of terrestrial ice sources, such as the Greenland ice sheet, the West Antarctic ice sheet and Alaskan mountain glaciers, are contributing significant amounts to the global sea-level rise...

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Brutal Heat Stalks Planet

Twenty-one people died in Arizona from the heat, and itreached 117 F in Las Vegas, tying a record set in 1942. Nowthe brutal heat has moved east, and triple digittemperatures are expected across the midwest, with heatadvisories in most states east of the Mississippi.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the world, Siberian forests areburning due to...

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Major Hurricane Season Ahead

So far, 2005 has set a new record for hurricane activity. Never before in recorded history have four tropical storms formed in the Atlantic so early in the hurricane season, and this is caused by global warming, which doesn't just heat things up?it increases extreme weather activity.

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Lopsided Earth

NASA - Global warming may lead to a lopsided planet, if the extrarain and snow which are depicted in the film The Day AfterTomorrow lead to more ice in the South Pole, while the NorthPole melts due to hotter weather.

Robert Roy Britt writes in the NASA website livescience.comthat researcher Dylan Powell and his...

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Global Warming: A New Piece of the Puzzle

Newswise - A climatologist has found that the kinds of plants growingin a specific area can significantly affect the extremeweather caused by global warming. Global warming doesn'tsimply cause warmer weather; it causes weather extremes,including storms, floods, and even freezes. These can varysubstantially in frequency and...

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Global Dimming Finally Reversing

Newswise - Over a year ago, we posted a story explaining howglobaldimming is caused by a buildup of greenhouse gases in theatmosphere. Now climate scientists say that after 30years, this is finally reversing. Earth's surface hasbrightened by about 4% during the past decade, a reversal ofthe dimming trend that masks the full...

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Hydropower Leads to Global Warming

Damming rivers to produce hydropower sounds like the perfectsolution the problem of relying on fossil fuels?EXCEPT thatit also produces large amounts of methane, which is one ofthe worst greenhouse gases. Methane's effect on globalwarming is over 20 times more than carbon dioxide?andhydroelectric dams also give off CO2. This will be...

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Antarctica Melting Fast

Agence France-Presse - The worst fears of environmentalists are coming true:Scientists have issued a new warning about the effects ofclimate change on Antarctica, saying that more than 200glaciers are melting because of unusually high temperatures.Using aerial photos dating back to the 1940s and more recentsatellite images,...

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Biggest Extinction Caused by Low Oxygen

Newswise - The biggest mass extinction in Earth history happened 251million years ago and it took millions of years for theEarth to finally repopulate. New research shows that thisextinction event was caused by a sudden sharp decline inatmospheric oxygen?why did this happen and could it happenagain?

250 million years ago...

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Does Dandruff Change the Climate?

New Scientist reports that German atmospheric researcherRuprecht Jaenicke took air samples from Germany, Siberia,the Amazon rainforest, the Atlantic ocean and from bubblesin Greenland ice. When he analyzed the particles he found inthese samples, he found that 25% of them were organicdetritus, such as dandruff, hair, sloughed off skin cells,etc...

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Horrific Hailstorm Part of Global Warming

In a scenario right out of the film "The Day AfterTomorrow," Hailstones "as big as eggs" have killed 18 peopleand injured 25 in China. In one area, over 25,000 houseswere destroyed, along with local crops.

Di Fang writes in the China Daily that some of thehailstones were five inches wide. They caused over 17million dollars in damage. The...

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Rock Dust: Cure for Global Warming?

Australian scientists have discovered that vegetablesplanted in rock dust grow to an extraordinary size. Thedust, a byproduct obtained from rock quarries, rejuvenatestired soil. By mixing the rock dust with compost,researchers have been able to produce football-sizedcabbages, coconut-sized onions, and plum-sized strawberries.Best of all, the...

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Do We Have a Death Wish?

In his latestJournal, Whitleywrites: "Unfortunately, we are in a time of horrific crisisfar beyond anything I imagined when Art Bell and I wroteSuperstorm. It is so much worse than I expected then that Ialmost can't believe what I am seeing." Do wehave a death wish? We might, and Whitley tellswhy the idea that self-destruction is a good thing...

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Humans Cause Global Warming

Newswise - Lately, everyone from government officials to radiocommentators has tried to blame global warming on sunspotsand even volcanoes, implying that the warming, whicheveryone now agrees is happening, is not the fault of humanbeings. A famous novelist has even written a book sayingthat global warming is a left wing...

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Sleepwalking Towards Apocalypse

In the future, historians may wonder how we sleepwalked ourway into ecological disaster. The UN's Rajendra Pachaurisays the CO2 which causes global warming has reached"dangerous" levels. Stephen Byers, who reports to PrimeMinister Tony Blair on global warming, says we could reach"the point of no return" in ten years. Even Lord Oxburgh,the head...

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Climate Change Will be Worse Than We Thought

Despite some extreme weather events recently, most of usremain untouched by global warming, making it easy toconsider it an abstract theory?something that's not reallygoing to affect us. A recent novel says it's all a left wingplot, which is even more reassuring to people who like tokeep their heads in the sand. But scientists who study...

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Bush Appointee Warns About Climate Change

After Exxon complained that the U.S. government's last UNIPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) chairman,Robert Watson, was being too hard on them, Bush backedRajendra Pachauri for the post, assuming that he wouldsupport our government's stance on climate change. NowPachauri is warning that global warming has hit the dangerpoint and...

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Our World is Changing?Soon Yours Will Be Too

Sheila Watt-Cloutier is a Inuit leader who is taking a standagainst global warming, because her world is melting. She was elected as the head of the Inuit CircumpolarConference, which represents the 155,000 Inuit who live inAlaska, Canada, Greenland and Chukotka, Russia. Her remarkswere originally printed in The Guardian newspaper on January15...

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Weather Goes Wild

Brazil has so few tornadoes that it doesn't even have theequipment to forecast them, but the town of Crici

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed.

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EU Pleads for Global Warming Agreement--US Says No

Twelve days of talks on the future of earth's climate endedin failure in Buenos Aires yesterday as the European Unionsaid that the US has blocked all efforts to come to even amodest agreement to reduce worldwide emissions after theyear 2012 when the Kyoto Treaty expires.

This made it certain that there would be no...

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Indonesia Fires Major Global Warming Problem

Peat burning in bogs in Indonesia may be the explanation forthe sharp rise in atmospheric CO2 that was observed lastyear. CO2 is the main gas responsible for atmosphericwarming, and it has been rising since record keeping beganin 1950. The rate of increase has risen from around 0.8parts per million per year in the 1960s to around 1.5 ppmper...

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Another Greenhouse Gas

Belching and farting sheep and cattle account for a fifth ofall global emissions of methane, a greenhouse gas that isworse than carbon dioxide (CO2). But a new vaccine can helpthe animals pass less gas.

A vaccine against the three microbes which produce methanein sheep stomachs reduced methane belches by 8% in a 13-hourtest. Eventually...

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Climate Swings in the Past

Tree rings and ice cores may not accurately reveal howwidely the climate changed in the past, according toscientists who have studied weather data from the last 1,000years. This is important to know as scientists try to figureout if current bizarre weather, such as the recenthurricanes in Florida, is related to global warming.

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Fish Turning Up in Strange Places

Due to global warming and the pole shift now in progress,birds and insects have been turning up in places wherethey've never been seen before. Now this is happening withmarine life as well.

In British Columbia, fisherman Gudy Gudmundseth caught thefirst Humboldt squid ever seen in that area. At 6? feet and44-pounds, it was an amazing...

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