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Early Casualties of Global Warming

Tuvalu is drowning. The island nation, which is located in the Pacific ocean between Hawaii and Australia, may be the first casualty of global warming.

In the US, we?ve had protest marches about proposed laws that would punish and try to keep out immigrants from Mexico and South America. As global warming causes the oceans to rise, low-...

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World Weather Chaos

Weather across the world has been violent, with unusualevents in Hawaii and Europe, and exceptionally destructivestorms in the U.S. At least 27 people died overnight in themidwestbecause of tornadoes. Over the past month, thestate of Hawai'i has received record rainfall. A dam burston the island ofKauai,causing seven deaths, and a deluge on...

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Whitley's Journal: Because of the Children

Why do we need to do everything we can to try to save the planet from the scourge of global warming? As Whitley writes in his dynamic new journal, the reason should be obvious: it's "because of the children."

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Highest Waves Ever Measured Appear North of Scotland

Waves so huge 'they shouldn't even exist' hammered theresearch vessel Discovery off the coast of Scotland for 12hours. The largest of the waves was a ninety foot monster,and the average wave measured seventy feet in height. Thewaves came with a Force 9 gale (45-50 MPH) but could not beexplained solely by the power of the wind.

Storms had...

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Too Late for the Government to Save Us

Michael McCarthy writes in The Indpendent that a small group of UK government officials are trying to combat global warming by "turning established principles of economic life upside down." It is so important that this be done that "it will have to be taken out of politics," something that hasn't even begun to happen here.

These "four...

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Fierce weather Worldwide

First it was Katrina in New Orleans, then it was a category 5 hurricane in Australia. Last week tornadoes swept the Midwest while fires burned nearly a million acres in North Texas. Now it's flooding in North Texas and Springfield, Ill., which was smashed by tornadoes, is suffering a severe blizzard. All of this can be traced, in one way or...

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More Signs of Global Warming

In this week's newsletter, Whitley Strieber warns that extremely violent and unusual weather was on the way over the next few months. Within hours, a ferocious storm dumped hailstones the size of baseballs on Oklahoma.

CNN reports that storms have brought tornado-force winds and gigantic hailstones to the midwest and...

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Antarctica Melt Will Lead to Sea Level Rise

Just a few years ago, it was theorized that Antarcticcontinental ice might begin to melt significantly by the endof this century. It has just been discovered that massive,unexpected melt is taking place right now. Satellitemeasurements show that the Antarctic is losing over 70 cubicmiles of ice per year, enough to cause the salinity of...

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The NASA Fiasco?Both Points of View

Recently George Deutsch, a Bush appointee to NASA, was forced to resign when he tried to censor their top climatologist James Hansen, who disagrees with the official White House line that global warming is not a problem. Now you can read both sides and make up your own mind.

Andrew Gumbel writes in the Independent that Deutsch, who once...

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Global Warming: Trees are Part of the Problem

Because trees breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen (the opposite of animals and us), it has long been thought that planting trees will help control greenhouse gases. In fact, Italy has been able to participate in the Kyoto Treaty by offering only to plant trees. But now it turns out that trees aren't a solution, they are actually...

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PAST Time to Face Facts About Global Warming

We're in an emergency that is unacknowledged by our government and ignored by the mainstream media. Two huge glaciers in Greenland have recently begun melting, meaning that sea levels will inevitably rise worldwide. Our own government, in the form of NOAA, recently issued a statement saying that "Nine of the 10 warmest years on record have...

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BLIZZARD in Hawaii

A vast arctic cold front has driven temperatures to record lows from Norway to Siberia and Japan, and has now brought snow to the slopes of Mauna Kea volcano in Hawaii. Tourists from California who were climbing the volcano were almost stranded when the latest blizzard began. The park rangers who work there all say they have never seen snow...

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Important Environmental Message

James Lovelock, created the Gaia hypothesis, named after the Greek goddess Gaia, which states that that the living matter of the Earth functions like a single organism. The Independent has published an interview with Lovelock in which he states that the goddess Gaia may now be on her death bed.

NOTE: This news story, previously...

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Major Permafrost Thaw

Global warming may melt the top ten feet of permafrost, the frozen soil that stretches across the Northern Hemisphere, from Alaska to Canada to Russia. Fairbanks, one of the largest cities in Alaska, is actually built on permafrost, so this is especially worrying to residents of Alaska.

New computer simulations from the National Center...

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Climate Change Inevitable

Whether or not you're experiencing Christmas snow, it's probably warmer than usual where you are. Even if all greenhouse gases had been stabilized in the year 2000, we would still be experiencing a warmer Earth and greater sea level rise right now, in the 21st century, according to a new study by a team of climate modelers.

The National...

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Will the U.S. Finally Sign the Kyoto Agreement?

The U.S. is facing increasing pressure to become a member of the international climate control agreement, known as the Kyoto Protocol, established in 1997, in which all nations agree to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Since we release 25% of the CO2 that gets into the atmosphere, there is intensepressure for us to sign this, but our government...

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Hamsters Get SAD Too

Newswise - SAD, seasonal affective disorder, is depression that somepeople feel as the days get shorter and darker. A new studysuggests that hamsters may suffer from symptoms of anxietyand depression during the dark days of winter, just as somehumans do. If this is the case, we can try to mitigate thiscondition in hamsters, so...

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Southern Plants Travel North

Newswise - Palm trees in Pennsylvania? Magnolias in Minnesota? The migration of subtropical plants to northern climates may happen if future global warming patterns follow the shift that took place in the past.

According to an article in the journal Science, fossils of southern plants found in cold climates provide...

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How to Save the Climate

Our government has only recently acknowledged that global warming is a real threat, but the UK is much more worried than we are, because a change in the flow of the gulf stream, due to melting glaciers which dilute the salinity of the ocean, will change their country's balmy, gentle weather into a climate resembling that of Nova Scotia, which...

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Climate Change Nothing New

We've now discovered signs of climate change on Mars, so it's not surprising that a researcher here on Earth has discovered evidence in Peru of climate change that took place there over 6,000 years ago.

Glaciologist Lonnie Thompson has returned from an Andean ice field in Peru with samples of ancient plants exposed for the first time in...

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How One Country is Destroying the World's Environment

In some ways, China seems ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to the environment. But that's deceptive. China's incredible rate of business growth is affecting the environment at an alarming rate. A report from Greenpeace says that China is the world leader in deforestation. Forests are needed, not only because they help produce the...

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Amazon Fires & African Drought Affect Us Here in the US

A vast drought threatens to kill the Amazon rain forest in Brazil, and as it dries up and becomes a tinder box, the likelihood of devastating fires predicted in Whitley Strieber's 1984 book Nature's End become greater and greater. Scientists in the UK are warning that dramatic changes may soon occur in Africa's vegetation in response to global...

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Future Storms Will Be Even Stronger

We've got had the one-two punch of hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and the northeastern part of US is experiencing severe floods. Climatologists may not all agree on the details of what's causing global warming, but they all agree on one thing: in the future, storms will be a lot stronger than they used to be. Researchers are using their super...

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Warm Water Pouring into Arctic: Comment from New Whitley?s Journal

Scientists say that the amount of warm water reaching the Arctic from the Atlantic increased dramatically in 2004. This means that polar ice has started melting even faster than usual and that our climate will change radically. There may be more complex reasons for this than just greenhouse gasses, and Whitley writes about this in his new...

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Global Warming: Viruses Will Escape from Melting Ice

As the world warms up, ice sheets and glaciers are melting, releasing trapped viruses that have been frozen for hundreds of thousands?perhaps even millions?of years. Are any of them dangerous?

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Too Late to Reverse Global Warming

There was a record loss of ice in the Arctic this summer, and climatologists are saying that the Earth may have passed the "tipping point" at which global warming is now inevitable. Hurricane Katrina is an example of this. While scientists don't think global warming causes more hurricanes to form, they know that it DOES make the ones that do...

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Climate Change Witch Hunt

Three of America's leading climate scientists are accusing a politician of intimidating them, because they are insisting that global warming is real and that action should be taken immediately to curb greenhouse gas emissions, before more events like hurricane Katrina occur. The question is, is Rep. Joe Barton (R,TX) doing this at hisown...

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Katrina: Whose Fault is It?

Whitley writes in his latest journal: "Another summer, another series of weather catastrophes worldwide...And now Katrina, which could well turn out to be the greatest environmental disaster in the history of the United States, and a terrifying warning of worse to come?"Don't miss this incredible journal entry!

If you care about global...

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A River Disappears

A river went underground in one Arizona town as a huge fissure opened up in another. The Santa Cruz River rose so high that it covered Interstate highway 19 in places. Cars couldn't get through. Then three days later, the water disappeared, leaving nothing behind but a few dead fish. The river had vanished.

In what is possibly a related...

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Can We Clean Up Fossil Fuels?

Can we continue to burn fossil fuels and still halt global warming? Big government and big business are pushing zero emission power plants tha tburn coal or gas but release no CO2. Europe is much more worried about global warming than the complacent US, because if the gulf stream stops flowing, which it happening right now, then the UK and much of...
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