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Greenland Ice Sheet Melting from Above and Below

The Greenland ice sheet is not only melting from above, but also from below. It has been discovered that this is caused by heat flowing up from Earth's mantle. It's variable across Greenland, absent in some places and intense in others. Last summer, NASA satellites revealed that the surface of Greenland's massive ice sheet had melted over an...
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Wobbly Jet Stream Causes US Flooding

Persistent rainfall and flooding across the central US is being caused by an unusual condition in the jet stream that has meteorologists scratching their heads. Normally in midsummer, the jet stream rises to the north and becomes weaker, flowing over central Canada and occasionally dipping down into the US, bringing outbursts of summer...
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Rate of Extinction Reaches Historic Proportions

Many vertebrate species (that category includes us) would have to evolve about 10,000 times faster than they have in the past to adapt to the rapid climate change expected in the next 100 years.

Scientists analyzed how quickly species adapted to different climates in the past, using data from 540 living species from all major groups...
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Coastal Cities Set to Drown

With coastal areas bracing for rising sea levels, new research indicates that cutting emissions of certain pollutants can greatly slow down sea level rise this century.

A research team found that reductions in just FOUR pollutants that cycle comparatively quickly through the atmosphere could temporarily forestall the rate of sea...
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Climate Improving but Scientists Don't Know Why

Scientists don't understand the recent slowdown in climate change that is occurring, DESPITE a rise in global greenhouse gas emissions.

Is God looking out for us? (NOTE: ...
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Global Ocean Currents Faltering

The circulation of waters around the Antarctic continent is faltering, and could lead to the failure of currents around the world. If this happens, atmospheric circulation will also fail, with immediate and serious consequences for...
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Europe Will Become New Center for Superstorms

Just as Whitley Strieber and Art Bell predicted in Superstorm 14 years ago, climate scientists are now warning that Europe is about to become the target of gigantic storms, some of them on the scale of...
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Big Money Funds Climate Denial

Conservative billionaires used a secretive funding route to channel nearly 120 million dollars to more than 100 groups casting doubt about the science behind climate change. The funds, given out between 2002 and 2010, helped build a vast network of think tanks and activist...
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Record Warming in Our Future

Despite what's happening in Alaska and the Midwest, a recent study of centuries of weather suggests we have record warming ahead.

Researchers looking at weather patterns since the end of the last Ice Age predict that average surface temperatures will be at their...
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As Water Rises, Look What Happened in the Past

As glaciers melt and sea levels rise, threatening coastal cities, geologists are trying to predict the future by looking at what happened when sea levels rose in the past. Meanwhile,...
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It's Going to be COLD

Sudden stratospheric warming has split the polar vortex in two. The polar vortex, which forms as the atmosphere loses heat to space in long Arctic winter night, was split in two by massive heating from below, as a series of intense storms...
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More Melt Than Ever

Climatologists have discovered that West Antarctica is warming TWICE as fast as they previously thought it was.

This unexpectedly big increase adds to fears the ice sheet will thaw, causing the sea level to rise and drown coastal cities all over the world. West Antarctica holds enough ice to raise world sea levels by 11 feet if it...
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2012: Too Darned Hot

The NOAA-supported Northeast Regional Climate Center is currently reviewing temperature data for 2012 from throughout the 12-state region, and researchers have discovered that for most major sites--including Washington, DC, Boston, Philadelphia and New York City--it was the hottest year ever recorded--something we tend to overlook when we're in...
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How Much is the Earth Melting?

We didn't really know--until now. The ocean, which has risen an average of 8 inches since 1900, should rise another 3 feet or so by 2100, but without an accurate record of where we started, we can't know if the melting starts to speed up or (hopefully) slow down.

On the Climate Central website, Michael D. Lemonick quotes researcher...
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Methane is the Tipping Point

Permafrost is thawing all over the planet, and this releases the powerful greenhouse gas methane. Permafrost covers nearly a quarter of the northern hemisphere and may contain as much as 1,700 gigatons of carbon, which is twice the amount that is currently in the atmosphere. As it thaws, it could push global warming past one of the key...
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Washington Under Water

If climate change continues, coastal cities may drown. Even our Capitol may eventually be under water!

Current trends and predicted increases suggest that our nation's capital is likely to face flooding and infrastructure damage in both the short-...
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Weird Weather

The UK is experiencing weird weather too--in fact, that country has experienced its "weirdest" weather on record in the past few months, scientists say. The driest spring for over a century led to the wettest April, May and June ever recorded. This could...
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Have We Arrived at a Turning Point in Climate Change?

In 1999 Whitley Strieber and Art Bell predicted that events like this were going to happen if we ignored the reality of climate change. A changing Gulf Stream off the East Coast ...
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How the Sun Affects Our Weather

We know that the sun is only partly the cause of climate change (most of it, alas, is caused by us), but periodic solar flares (or coronal mass ejections--CMEs) can have profound "space weather" effects on...
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Dinosaur Doom

Planets die (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this provocative interview). The Earth is still alive, despite having had at least two major extinctions in the past.

The most-studied mass extinction in Earth...
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Burning Coal May Seal Our Doom

The US isn't the only country facing the coal conundrum, meaning we have plenty of coal, but don't want to burn it, because it causes pollution and climate change.

On, Charles Kennedy reports that the Australian state of Queensland could become the seventh...
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Arctic Melt Good News for Business

For the last 60 years, the Arctic has warmed twice as fast as the rest of the Earth, and some Asians business people are taking advantage of this fact. The thawing at the top of the globe gives access to incredible mineral wealth and drastically shorter shipping routes to the Atlantic through the now reopened...
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Only 4 Years Left?

One of the world's leading ice experts has predicted the final collapse of Arctic sea ice in summer months within four years. That's earlier than the Earth's predicted demise in December of 2012, but it could be a major cause of it.

In the September 17th...
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Watch Out: Methane Coming

The Antarctic Ice Sheet may be a major source of the potent greenhouse gas methane. Old organic matter frozen beneath it may have been converted to methane by micro-organisms living there under oxygen-deprived conditions, and as the ice melts, the methane will be released.

Planetary scientist Slawek Tulaczyk says, "It is easy to...
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How to Change the Climate: Bioengineer Humans

If we can't get human beings to stop contributing to climate change, maybe we need to re-eingineer humans. Many contactees (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this interview) think "the Grays" are...
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Can Animals Outrun Climate change?

Nearly one-tenth of hemisphere's mammals are unlikely to outrun climate change.

A safe haven could be out of reach for 9% of the Western Hemisphere's mammals, and as much as 40% in certain regions, because the animals just won't move...
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Heat is the Biggest Killer

When it comes to bad weather, heat waves kill more people than tornadoes, blizzards or hurricanes, which doesn't bode well for global warming. For instance, during 3 excruciating weeks in August of 2003, an epic heat wave broiled parts of Europe and killed an estimated 70,000 people. It was so hot electrical cables melted, nuclear reactors could...
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Why You Do--or Do Not--Think Climate Change is Real

It's not just your furniture that effects your beliefs--when it comes to climate change, it's the weather where YOU are, so people who live in places where the climate is good...
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Instead of burying it or hoping our oceans will absorb it, why don't we just grab all that carbon dioxide out of the air?

A group of researchers think that a CO2...
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