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Incoming El NiƱo Could Break All Previous Records

As already predicted in Unknown Country's Climate Watch, it appears that westerly winds sweeping across the Pacific ocean could produce the first El Niño weather system since 2009-2010. Forecasters warn that it could be one of the most dramatic on record.

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The Why of This Brutal Winter

As predicted on's Climate Watch last fall, this is proving to be a winter of extraordinary fury both in the United States and Europe. England is experiencing the worst flooding in 250 years, and winter records are being broken all across the United States. Meanwhile the Austral summer is entering the record books because of its...
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Heavy Weather Could Develop Across the US Again

A large mass of cold air is moving out of the northwest and will cross the midsection of the United States and Canada later this week. This cold air mass will collide with another surge of warm, humid air moving up from the Gulf of Mexico, with the result that there could once again be a substantial development of storms. There is no way to...
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New Year's Resolution: Save Our Climate

Can we make a New Year's resolution that will help save our climate?

The January 2nd edition of the Independent asked this question of various climate experts and got a wide variety of replies. Jim Lovelock, the author of the Gaia theory, says he never had any faith that the Kyoto agreement would work. The Independent quotes him as...

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Climate Clues

Want to help track climate change in YOUR area? A nationwide initiative starting Feb. 15 will enable volunteers to do this by observing the timing of flowers and foliage. Project BudBurst allows students, gardeners, and other citizen scientists in every state to enter their observations into an online database that will give researchers a...

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Scientists Confirm Past Sudden Climate Change

British scientists have discovered a period in geologic history where abrupt cooling occurred during a period of rapid warming. While the mechanism for this event approximately two million years ago remains unknown, the event happened very suddenly, and left the entire planet with a profoundly different weather system.

The struggle to...

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Scientists Issue Extreme Climate Change Warning

A group of scientists from 99 different countries have issued a warning that the climate change problem has become urgent and Earth could heat up by over 40 degrees Fahrenheit this century.

The report was issued by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, agroup of experts assembled by the United Nations, and its conclusions...

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Ice Sheets Close to Devastating Meltdown

New satellite images reveal that large Antarctic ice sheets are "just a fewdegrees" away from a potentially catastrophic meltdown. If the ice melts,billions of gallons of water will rush into the oceans, raising sea levelsmuch more rapidly than has been predicted.

Polar ice has been melting for the past 14,000 years, and sea levels...

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Sudden Climate Change Proven, Says Scientist

It has been discovered that a dramatic rise in temperature hit Antarctica about 19,000 years ago, followed by an equally sudden decline. Like similar data from Greenland ice cores, this suggests that global climate change may not happen gradually, but that extreme changes can come about very quickly, even without the present human contribution...

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Early Spring Has Europe Worried

The stage is being set for powerful storms in Europe, due to the appearance of unseasonably warm weather there, similar to the unseasonable weather that triggered powerful storms across the eastern United States on December 16.

Europe is experiencing one of the warmest winters on record. Normal German temperatures would be around 37...

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