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Smoking Solution

The number of smokers has gone down--fewer than one in five adults now smoke in the US, which is about half as many smokers as there were 50 years ago. Despite this, cigarettes kill more than 400,000 Americans every year. But the solution is at hand: make nicotine less addictive.

Most of us don't realize it, but the Family Smoking...
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Quitting Makes You Nicer

Quitting smoking makes you healthier AND it makes you nicer. And it turns out that while blacks have a harder time quitting, there is no difference in the quitting ability between the sexes...
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The Secret Ingredients of Cigarettes

Most of us assume that cigarettes are simply tobacco rolled up in paper, but that FAR from the truth: many OTHER ingredients--many of them SECRET--are added to the mix.
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Quit With a Shot?

Smokers all know how tough it is to quit. Now researchers have developed (and successfully tested in mice) a VACCINE to treat nicotine addiction. A single dose protects mice over their...
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Mom: Don't Smoke--It Can Make Your Kids Deaf

Smoking is not sexy: Exposure to second hand smoke is bad for a fetus and it's bad for teenagers too: Researchers report that exposure to tobacco smoke nearly doubles the risk of hearing loss among...
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Smoking Dangers Kept Secret

Most of us now realize that smoking leads to lung cancer (and other diseases), but not everyone realizes that tobacco companies HID this data for years. A new analysis of tobacco industry documents shows that Philip Morris manipulated data on the effects of additives in cigarettes, including...
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Smoking Makes You Feel Sexy

Why do some older women smoke (when they surely know better by now)? It may make them feel sexy: a recent study discovered that postmenopausal women who smoke have higher androgen and estrogen levels than non-smoking women, with sex hormone levels being highest in heavy smokers.
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Another Danger of Smoking: Cigarettes are Radioactive

This was kept as a deep, dark secret for almost 40 years, from its discovery in 1959 through 1998, when it was revealed as part of a legal settlement. According to a new study, tobacco companies knew that cigarette smoke contained radioactive alpha particles for more than four decades and developed "deep and intimate" knowledge of these...
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Don't Inhale!

In research described as "a stark warning" to those tempted to start smoking, scientists are reporting that cigarette smoke begins to cause genetic damage within MINUTES--not years--after inhalation into the lungs.

And there is growing evidence that exposure to a group of chemicals known as type-2 alkenes--found in many...
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Cigarette Smoke Makes You Fat

Recently, the book "Why French Women Don't Get Fat" was exposed as a fraud because critics said that all French women smoke and smoking elevates your metabolism, as well as being a substitute for food, causing you to stay slim. Now we know this isn't true. But what about nonsmokers who are exposed to secondhand smoke? New studies show that...

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A Good Reason Why Movie Villains Smoke

Lower-class "bad guys" smoke more often in movies than wealthy movie heroes. But maybe this is just an imitation of life: New evidence shows that the same genes may foster two harmful proclivities--nicotine addiction and aggressively hostile behavior.

Smoking is not more common in movies than in the general US population. Dr. Karan...

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Secondhand Smoke is Lethal

It's been discovered that nonsmokers who spent only four hours in a smoky Las Vegas casino had elevated levels of a cancer-causing agent called NNAL in their urine. Their urine also contained elevated levels of cotinine, which is a byproduct of nicotine. Both these chemicals only come from tobacco.

In, Marc Lallanilla quotes...

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Most Popular Cigarettes are Also Most Cancerous

Marlboros are the world's best selling cigarettes and also contain much higher levels of the cancer-causing agents called nitrosamines (TSNAs) than other cigarette brands sold in 11 of 13 other countries. In 10 of these countries, including Japan and Germany, Marlboros had at least twice the amount of TSNAs.

Philip Morris, the maker of...

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