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CIA Spying on Global Warming

A group of environmental scientists working with the CIA once again has access to data gathered by intelligence satellites. The images include tropical forests, ice melts, desert landscapes, even population shifts. The program had been discontinued in 2001.

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A Death in New York by Peter Levenda UPDATE

New York radio station 1010 WINS reports that two teens,19-year-old Rudy Fleming and 18-year-old Ashley Evans, havebeen arrested and charged with the murder of NicoleDuFresne. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly says they wereable to find and arrest them thanks so tips from a telephonehot line. The accused don't seem to have known...

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A National Catastrophe

In Whitley's new journal, he writes: "The outing of Valerie Plame in the column of Robert Novak has now led to the resignation of Jim Plavitt from the CIA. Mr. Plavitt was Valerie Plame's superior. His work has been devastated by this catastrophic security leak, and he has apparently chosen to resign as a result. The announcement of his...

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CIA Inside al-Qaeda?and Still Missed 911

We?ve learned over recent weeks that the FBI and the CIA had many warnings about upcoming terrorist attacks that they either downplayed or ignored. We?ve been told that during the Clinton years, the CIA was told to stop recruiting a certain type of low-life (possibly criminal) agent and instead of using moles to infiltrate foreign governments,...

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CIA Using Illegal Internet Spy Technology

Mike Stepp, webmaster of the CIA?s public website, removed illegal software from it after a private group discovered that the CIA was using internet tracking technology called ?cookies? that is banned for federal use. This is despite the fact that there?s a notice on the CIA website that says, ?The Central Intelligence Agency Web site does NOT...

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CIA Denies Meeting Bin Laden in Hospital

CIA officials have rejected an article in the French newspaper Le Figaro reporting that one of their agents met with Osama bin laden in July when he underwent treatment for kidney problems at the American hospital in Dubai. ?Complete and utter nonsense,? says Anya Guilsher, a spokeswoman for the Central Intelligence Agency. ?It?s false, and I...

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