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The Mall is a Church for Some People

Most Americans are religious--just not all in the same way. An international study of holiday shopping and religion finds that dominant religious groups are likely to experience discomfort at all the...
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Where the Church REALLY Stands

...on controversial issues - In a political season, we hear statements about the Catholic church that don't reflect what has been historically true: it has in the past sanctioned both gay marriage and abortion.

Democratic vice presidential candidate Joseph Biden is telling the Catholics in his audiences that St. Thomas...

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Early Christian Chapel Now a Prison

The place where St John the Divine, in Revelation 16:16,prophesied the "war to end all wars" is now thehigh-security prison of Megiddo, where the Israelis send thehardest Palestinian cases. Could this fortress be the siteof an incredible war in the future?

Eric Silver writes in the Independent that underneath theconcrete fortress,...

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Attend an Inflatable Church

A company in the U.K. has produced the world's first inflatable church. You could blow it up and use it as a temporary place to have a wedding. It could also be handy for congregations that can't afford a church building; they could blow it up in an empty parking lot on Sundays and deflate it the rest of the week.

It's 47 feet high from...

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