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Chupacabras: the mystery is why there is a mystery at all...

For over thirteen years, Unknown Country has been researching and bringing you news on the subject of the mysterious chupacabra, an anomalous creature which has been witnessed across all South America, Puerto Rico and some parts of the US including California, Maryland, Texas and Utah.

'Chupacabra' is a Spanish word which means...
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New Video Strongly Suggests 'Chupacabra' an Unknown Species

A video taken by a motorist in South Texas reveals that the gait, tail, rear hips and nose of an unknown creature that is becoming more common to the area probably isn't a coyote. Previously, many biologists had assumed that the creature was a coyote with a disease called sarcoptic mange...
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'Chupacabras' in Texas Running in Packs

Times are tough in Texas. First, there was the Elmendorf Beast, a hairless coyote-like animal found dead in Elmendorf, Texas. Whitley Strieber had its DNA analyzed, and there...
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Chupacabras are Back!

One week after their Armed Forces released photos and videos of UFO activity around the country, Chile has announced that Chupacabras are back.

These are goat sucking cryptids that are only seen in Spanish speaking countries and in parts of the US, such as Southwest Texas, where Spanish is the second language.

Chupacabras are...

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The Mystery of the Elmendorf Beast

There's a genuine cryptozoological mystery deep in the heartof Texas. A rancher in Elmendorf, Texas, shot a strangeanimal that ate 35 of his chickens in a single day.Scientists who have examined the creature's body have notbeen able to identify it. is having DNAtesting done on the body. For more information and pictures,read...

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Chupacabras Living in Abandoned Mines in Chile

Abandoned gold mines that date from the 1950s in Chile could be harboring chupacabras that have a kangaroo-shaped body and a muzzle that resembles a wolf. They are fearless and attack local livestock and wild animals.


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Chupacabras Are Back?in Mexico

A family of farmers in the Mexican state of Chihuahua say the mysterious vampire-like creatures known as ?chupacabras? or ?goat suckers? killed and sucked the blood of more than 60 of their sheep in the weeks before Halloween.

Notimex, the state news agency, reported that Ramiro Parra Gonzalez discovered 35 dead sheep. All were found...

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