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Future Toys Will Brainwash Our Kids

Your kids are already tired of their Christmas toys?what will you get them 10 years from now? In the future, your daughter won't just change Barbie's clothes, they'll discuss what to wear together. A Disney dinosaur will tell your kid what life was like 300 million years ago. A character from "Toy Story" will watch the DVD with your kids and...

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What to Do if Christmas is the Holiday From Hell

Everyone's wishing you a Merry Christmas, but is Christmas the holiday you wish you could avoid? Do you always fight with your relatives and have to cope with whining, disappointed kids? You need help from a psychiatrist like Graham Lucas, who specializes in the study of holiday stress. He says, "Christmas magnifies interpersonal tension. A...

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Hate Christmas Cards?

Do you hate Christmas cards?because they're either too sentimental or too dull? Send crop circle postcards this season instead! The beautiful, full color photos on these cards will remind your friends that there?s a miracle going on in the fields of England. And you can write whatever greeting you want on the back?Christmas, Hanukah or Solstice...

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Ideas for a Dreamy Christmas

Hate Christmas cards? Send crop circle postcards instead!Use them to wish everyone on your list a happy Christmas, Hanukkah or Solstice. This is the season of miracles and magic and these beautiful full-color photographs are a reminder that wonders are all around us. We've got other great Christmas ideas too. Keep reading...

So many of...

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Taking Down the Christmas Tree? Good News for the Future

Fed up with trying to get the lights on?and off?the Christmas tree every year? Scientists say that genetic modification will make it possible to grow Christmas trees that light themselves up. They also believe that trees could be grown that would provide power for homes and run appliances.

Professor Bernard Witholt, chairman of the...

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Christmas Star Found

Michael Molnar, an astronomer formerly from Rutgers University in New Jersey, says he?s found the first mention of the star of Bethlehem outside the Bible. The reference is in a 4th-century manuscript written by a Roman astrologer and Christian convert named Firmicus Maternus.

Molnar believes that the star of Bethlehem was not a...

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Grazing is Good For You!

Just in time for the Christmas holidays: It has been discovered that people who eat frequently have lower blood cholesterol levels than those who eat once or twice a day - even if they eat more food, according to a new study carried out by scientists in Norfolk, England.

Kay-Tee Khaw, a professor of clinical gerontology at the...

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Santa Flying High

The reason Santa?s reindeer can fly has been explained in down-to-earth terms by Dr. Ian Edwards, head of education at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh, Scotland. He?s hallucinating on fly-agaric mushrooms.

Dr. Edwards says the story of the flying reindeer spread south to central Europe from Lapland in the 19th century. It...

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Crucifix in the Cabbage

The Reverend Wesley Marcle was eating dinner when he found a small gold crucifix in the cabbage cooked by his wife Carol. He nearly ate the piece of jewelry, which looks like the setting from a man?s ring.

The crucifix apparently fell into the cabbage while it was growing on a farm in California, says Nick Secrest, produce manager at...

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Four Christmas Books

Someone asked us, ?Do you have any books that are especially right for Christmas giving?? and surprisingly, the answer is ?yes!?

My first suggestion is ?Resurrection of the Shroud? by Mark Antonacci. When Mark came on Dreamland to talk about his book, he told us some amazing facts. Did you know that the Shroud of Turin has actual human...

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You Can Only Find Them Here

If you click on the ?store? tab at the top of our home page, you?ll find wonderful Christmas gifts that are for sale exclusively on won?t find them anywhere else.

One example is our Cellguard phone protector?two tiny pieces that fit on any cellphone and are guaranteed to deflect dangerous radiation away from your...

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