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Do Americans Have a Cowboy Mentality?

Compared with Chinese people especially, Americans have trouble seeing ourselves as others see us. This may be because we are a culture that values individualism rather than cooperation.

New research shows that people from Western cultures such as the United States are particularly challenged in their ability to understand someone else?...

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Chinese Pollution KILLS

We've reported on how pollution from China is affecting the rest of the world, but China's poisoned air is killing its OWN citizens first!

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China is a Dangerous Place--for US

China is not only decimating animal species for use in traditional medicine and selling us dangerous toothpaste, it is becoming a WORLDWIDE polluter. China is now building two new power plants every week.

British climate change official John Ashton says that China may now be the world's biggest source of pollution--and this has...
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China Censors Dangerous Truths

China is proposing new legislation that would make it a crime to report information about riots, disasters or outbreaks of disease without government permission. The government has been notoriously and dangerously secretive about such things as SARS and Bird Flu outbreaks, and this new legislation appears aimed at preventing even the sketchy...

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The Real Truth About China

China has become a big capitalistic success and is one of our largest trading partners, supplying all the vast discount outlets in the US, such as Wal-Mart, with most of their goods. But there are more important things in life than just a bargain. Should we use our influence with China to try to change some of the things they DON'T do well?and...

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China?Environmental Leader?

It may seem hard to believe, but China, the country thatused to be one of the world's leading polluters, now wantsto play a leadership role in cleaning up the environment.For instance, a few years ago, it was estimated thatpollution from fire extinguishers manufactured in one partof China was responsible for a large percentage of thedepletion...

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Shanghai So Heavy It's Sinking

Shanghai, China's largest city, is literally sinking because too many big buildings have been constructed there during the building boom of the last ten years. Skyscrapers made of heavy concrete and steel have been built over an area that was originally a drained swamp, and some of them may have to be taken down.

Rupert Wingfield-Hayes...

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Chinese Discovered America

Retired British submarine commander Garvin Menzies plans to follow the same route as Admiral Zheng He, a Chinese Muslim eunuch who discovered America more than 70 years before Columbus. Most historians believe Columbus discovered the New World first, in 1492, although Scandinavian historians claim the Vikings got there 500 years earlier. But...

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To Speak Well, Snip Your Tongue

More and more Chinese want to learn to speak English correctly, and many of them are having tongue operations to improve their pronunciation. Plastic surgeons there claim that minor surgery can improve pronunciation overnight. The operation is quick?just a snip of the muscle under the tongue done under local anaesthetic. To improve things even...

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New Capitol Bldg.Will Have Retractable Dome

Taxpayers beware: Major renovations are being planned for the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., which include a retractable dome. The new building will have more bathrooms and better parking. "Don't get us wrong: We love the drafty old building," says House Speaker Dennis Hastert. "But the hard reality is, it's no longer suitable for a...

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Is China Really Our Friend?

In China, the country that is supposed to be our good friend and trading partner, books, movies and video games glorifying the Sept. 11 strikes are selling like hotcakes. Most of these are actually being produced and distributed by the government. Videos and DVDs have added dramatic background music to news clips of airplanes crashing into the...

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CIA Warns of China Cyberattack

According to a classified CIA report, intelligence officials believe the Chinese military is planning wide-scale cyber-attacks on American and Taiwanese computer networks, including Internet-linked military systems. The wave of hacking attacks would be launched by Chinese students.

The new CIA report makes it clear that U.S....

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China Facing Huge Environmental Disaster

China, home to 1.3 billion people, is facing an enviromental disaster of almost unimaginable proportions. Nearly one-third of Chinese territory?50,000 villages and hundreds of cities?is plagued by ultra-rapid desertification. The danger is greatest in northern China, where large parcels of land turn into deserts every year. Deserts already...

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