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Chimp Gestures

Biologists have discovered that wild chimpanzees communicate using similar gestures to humans (do they give researchers "the finger?") This will give linguists a clue as to how language evolved among humans.

Researcher Anna Roberts has identified 20 to 30 manual...
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Chimps are Mind Readers--Maybe We are Too

Chimps can read each others' minds to an extent. If, for instance, one of them spots a dangerous snake hiding in the leaves on the forest floor, he seems to know whether or not he needs to alert the others--whether or not they have noticed it too. Videos of wild chimps in...
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Chimp Toys

Didn't get what you wanted for Christmas? Chimps don't always either, so they improvise--giving us a window into how human children play.

Female chimpanzees seem to treat sticks as dolls, carrying them around until they're old enough to produce real chimp babies, while young males remain uninterested. This not only reveals that...
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Why We're Different from Chimps

One of the mysteries of DNA is how we can share so many genes with chimpanzees, and yet be so different from them. Now scientists say this has to do with which genes have been "turned on." There has been speculation that chimps were intentionally altered long ago by scientists from another world, in order to create humans. While there is no...

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Chimps are Us

Chimpanzees are so closely related to humans that they should be considered part of the human family. Genetic researchers examined key genes in humans and several ape species and found our "life code" to be 99.4% the same as chimps. They think we should move chimps and their close cousins the bonobos into the genus Homo, along with us.So far...

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