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Why We're So Different From Our Brothers, the Chimps

Researchers were surprised to learn that the DNA sequences of human and chimpanzee genes are nearly identical, so what is responsible for the many differences between the two species? Here's why we want to find out: Chimps get MUCH LESS cancer than we do.

For years, scientists believed the vast differences between humans and...
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Monkey Business

We have experimented on animals to find cures for humans, but we've also brought human cures to animals. Does this make it an even exchange? Cleveland Zoo primate curator Chris Kuhar says, "Animals have long been used as models for human research. (Now we are) flipping that, using human research to help animals." The April 1st edition of...
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Chimps Can Talk Too

So why don't they? - Researchers who are studying communication in animals, in order to improve their understanding of how language develops in humans, want to know: Why are we the only animals who talk?

If humans are genetically related to chimps, why did our brains develop the innate ability for language and speech...

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Monkey Business

Humans and chimpanzees are almost identical genetically, andwe often act alike as well. We recently wrote aboutants that aresuper-efficient farmers. Now it turns out there are primatepolice. Monkeys also like to scratch each other?s backs ANDmonkeys are willing to pay for sex.

Bjorn Carey writes in about new researchthat...

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Criminal Chimp

A criminal chimpanzee is leading the London police on a wild chase, after breaking into apartments and stealing cell phones and other valuable equipment. The police received reports of two burglaries at separate addresses in east London. A Scotland Yard spokesman says, "Only small items of personal property, a mobile phone and parts of a stereo...

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