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Why Our Brains May be Different

We share a majority of our genes and abilities with chimps, so what makes us different? (NOTE: Subscribers can still...
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Is Your Boss a Primate?

If he (or she) acts like an ape, it's because he's at the top of the pecking order (and if you want to keep your job, you'll "groom" him).

When a subordinate chimpanzee grooms a dominant one, it often does so for a long time and doesn't wait to be "asked." When it in...
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Can Chimps Really Talk?

There's a big controversy over whether chimps and other primates can really be taught to "talk," using sign language and key pads?or if they are only copying their keepers in order to please them and get treats. Now a new research team claims that a chimp who has grown up with humans has developed the ability to talk. Kanzi, an adult pygmy...

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