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Chinese Scientists are Creating Monsters

Scientists are inserting human genes or cells into animals in order to create hybrids for use in medical research (NOTE: This is one of the books you can get from the Whitley Strieber Collection, complete with an...
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Patent Office Says No to Manimal

The idea that it is now possible to create part-human,part-animal creatures is a chillingscientific reality. One researcher recently ran into abrick wallat the U.S. patent office when he tried to patent hisformula for creating a chimera.

Rich Weiss writes in the Washington Post that researcherStuart Newman, who applied for the patent,...

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Is it Immoral to Create Chimeras?

Scientists are producing chimeras?creatures that are parthuman and part animal. A "chimera" originally referred to amonster in Greek mythology with a lion's head, goat's body,and snake's tail. Now that this is possible, the questionbecomes: Is it moral?

Maryann Mott writes in National Geographic News that in2003, Chinese scientists...

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