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It's for the Birds

Birds are more like us than we realize. They eavesdrop on their neighbors in order to figure out where to build their nests and once, their eggs hatch, they sometime engage in "chick abuse,"...
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Child Abuse?Good News

Newswise - Psychologists know about the transmission of abuse from one family to another, meaning that if you were abused, you are more likely to abuse your own children. This makes some potential parents worry that they may have a genetic predilection to abuse their kids, but research on monkeys shows this isn't true?the chain...

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Child Abuse in the Military

Newswise - The Department of Defense is investigating the high rates ofchild abuse and homicides at military installations acrossthe nation. Children living in military bases are twice aslikely to be killed by a parent or caregiver than otherchildren. Is this because military parents, who are schooledin violence, are more...

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