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Will Our Children's Future Friends Be Robots?

With the help of a smart tablet and Angry Birds, children can now do something typically reserved for engineers and computer scientists: program a robot to learn new skills. The Georgia Institute of Technology project is designed to serve as a rehabilitation tool and to help kids with disabilities.

The researchers have paired a small...
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Weekender: Can Childhood Stress Shape Our Lives and Affect Our Destiny?

Stress, anxiety, depression - these are all familiar terms in our modern lifestyle. But why are these conditions so prevalent in society? Where are the seeds of discontent sown?

A new study, published in the journal Biological Psychiatry, reports that stressful situations experienced in childhood can have a lasting and very negative...
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Careful Mom: Spanking Can Change Your Kid's DNA

It's the kind of transformation we DON'T want: Children who are exposed to violence experience wear and tear to their DNA that is similar the changes that come with aging. In a...
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It's Your Fault, Mom!

If you're a male who was "born bad," Mom can save you, but she can also be the root of the problem, which is why Moms need to be smart!

By comparing the testosterone...
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Do Adoptive Parents?and Grandparents?Care More?

A new study shows that adoptive parents invest more time and financial resources in their children compared with biological parents. And grandparents of adopted grandchildren relate to them as an integral part of the family?just as they relate to their biological grandchildren. This challenges the conventional idea that children are better off...

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Wild Children Discovered in Jungle

An orphan boy who was raised by monkeys in the African jungle has arrived in Britain to sing with a children's choir, and a woman who disappeared into the jungles of Cambodia as a child has been found after living in the wild for almost 20 years.

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The Dad Difference

Newswise - Do dads parent differently than moms? It's a question more and more single mothers are asking themselves. The answer is "yes," but it's not the way you think: Dads aren't necessarily stricter disciplinarians. Fathers tend to be more unpredictable and engage in more fun activities with their kids, perhaps in order to...

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