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Battery Hens Could Receive Matrix-Style Life Enhancement Technology

Of all the intensively-farmed creatures, battery hens probably have the worst deal when it comes to quality of life, but science may have provided a technological answer to provide an enhanced quality of life for these birds.

Public concern has prompted a slow trend towards more "free range" farming, but for millions of...
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Whale songs? Chicken Talk!

Animals are trying t communicate with us, but we don't know how to interpret their sounds. For instance, chickens can’t speak, but they can definitely make themselves heard. Most people who have visited a poultry farm will recall chicken...
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Don't Drive Behind Trucks Filled With Chickens

Researchers have found evidence of a surprising pathway for potential human exposure to antibiotic-resistant bacteria from intensively raised poultry: driving behind trucks carrying chickens!

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Run Your Car on Egg Shells

For those of us who have just finished off the turkey, it's god to know that environmentalists want to make sure we use EVERY PART of the poultry we eat. Clothes may eventually be made out of chicken feathers. Now it turns out that egg shells may help to power hydrogen-fueled cars.

In, Dave Mosher reports that in the...

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Dangerous Chickens, More Mad Cow Meat

About one in 5 chickens and one in 10 eggs in Britain contain traces of drugs that may cause cancer, birth defects or heart attacks, according to The Soil Association, a group that promotes organic farming.

Richard Young, coordinator of the association?s campaign against the overuse of antibiotics in intensive farming, said that drugs...

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