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Climate Change Could Cause "Dust Bowl" Style Exodus, But What Is Really Causing Climate Change?

The "Dust Bowl" era was a devastating period of exceptional droughts and dust storms that had a profound effect on the ecology and agriculture of the U.S. and Canadian prairies in the 1930s. Some regions of the High Plains experienced drought conditions for up to eight years, and tens of thousands of families were forced to abandon their...
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Geoengineering via Chemtrails Becoming a Mainstream Proposal

For years, there has been an ongoing controversy about chemtrails. Are chemicals being sprayed into the upper atmosphere or not? Whatever you believe about what's happening behind the scenes, a number of public figures are proposing that massive amounts of chemicals be released into the upper atmosphere in order to cool the planet down. According...
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Chemtrails Endangering the Earth

A controversial website says that chemtrails are destroying the ozone layer, which is what protects the earth from dangerous cosmic radiation.

William Thomas writes that Canadian atmospheric scientist Neil Finley says that "high-altitude jet traffic, space launches and chemtrails are threatening to destroy not only Earth's protective...

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Bill Seeks to Prohibit Mind Control Weapons and Chemtrails

Steven Aftergood, of Secrecy News, reports that a bill was introduced in the House of Representatives on October 2nd by Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) that would ban chemtrails and mind control weapons in space. Among the weapons that would be banned by the new measure are ?psychotronic? devices that are ?directed at individual persons or targeted...

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Chemtrails Are Back--in the Mainstream Press

The magazine ?Columbus Alive? reports that they?ve received many reports about airplanes ?spraying? or leaving behind mysterious ?chemtrails? in the sky. When civilian flights were grounded immediately after September 11, this was more noticeable than ever. Some people feared the U.S. was under biochemical attack while others thought we were...

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New Weather Control Powder Announced..but is it Already in Use?

A company in the United States claims it has invented a powder that can be used to remove clouds from the sky and even stop the development of hurricanes. The new product could help many areas of the world that are subject to extreme weather conditions, as well as areas of the U.S. that regularly get hit by violent storms.

The company,...

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Chemtrails Expert Claims Source as 'Smoking Gun'

In a dramatic press release, chemtrails expert Will Thomas claims that an anonymous interview obtained by a freelance reporter proves that the US government is engaging in a massive weather modification effort using US Air Force tankers that are spraying particulate matter over wide areas at high altitude.

Thomas reports that an FAS...

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Possible Chemtrails Explanation

A group of former military officers have flown in a private jet into a chemtrail that was being emitted from a military cargo aircraft. They obtained samples of the aerosol and had them tested in a laboratory.

The trail contained barium (non-radioactive) and tiny particles of aluminum. A mixture like this would increase the reflectivity...

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Chemtrails Mystery Over Northern California

Composer Steven Halpern, a Dreamland listener, has recorded an exceptional pattern of apparent chemtrails over northern Marin County in California. Halpern obtained a number of pictures that clearly illustrate the phenomenon's classic crosshatch pattern. The most recent patterns appeared during the week of January 28, 2001. On February 1, 2001...

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Another European Chemtrail Witness-And He's Sick

Another European witness has contacted us about possible chemtrail activity there, and his account includes a disturbing report of illness.

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Chemtrails Now Being Seen in Europe

Victor Johnson, who listens to Dreamland over the internet from the Netherlands, writes, "Today in Amsterdam (December 11) at 3 p.m. local time, there was the usual low, fast-moving cloud layer up in the sky. The clouds only parted briefly, but when they did, I saw an elaborate "spider web" of Chemtrails above the natural clouds, up in the...

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Strange Material Falls From Sky in Syracuse, NY

A listener alerted us to a mysterious green or yellow substance that fell from the sky in Syracuse, New York over the past few days. Syracuse television station WSTM has carried out laboratory analysis and the substance has found not to be a de-icing chemical falling from planes.

Our listener says, "They have been covering this story on...

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Chemtrail Wave Reported Over Texas

There?s a wave of Chemtrails over Texas, according to our listeners. Donald Atkins writes, "Friday afternoon(1 Dec) at 4:00, my grandson and I watched Chem/Contrails being made over Fort Worth. They made a grid going north-south, then an "X" pattern. They were so pretty as they were being made, they went from horizon to horizon. I went into the...

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