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Mysterious Chemtrail

Shots of a ring-like structure emitting an aerosol in the sky have been posted by Clifford Carnicom on his chemtrails website. This structure is surprisingly similar to a "ring"UFO that was videotaped over an amusement park on July 2, 2009. The video taken over the amusement park is a perfect circle hanging in cloud cover. It was dismissed by...

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New Chemtrail Info Strengthens Claims

Clifford Carnicom has posted new information about possible military programs that may result in the appearance of the persistent and tainted jet contrails known as chemtrails.

Mr. Carnicom is a leading chemtrails researcher and, like Will Thomas, is noted for his persistence in attempting to uncover these programs.

Mr. Carnicom'...

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Tape Seems to Confirm Chemtrails A Military Operation

An answering machine tape recently given to chemtrails researcher Will Thomas's Lifeboat News Service includes a message allegedly from the Victoria, British Columbia Airport Authority's Manager for Airport Planning and Environment to city resident Mark Porter, who had inquired about unusual contrail formations being seen in the sky over the...

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