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Cellphones Dangerous--to Children at Least

Cellphone use is dangerous to young children. For years,there has been a controversy about the danger of cellphones.Now a group of scientists are saying that the danger toyoung children has been seriously underestimated, and thatchildren under eight should not use mobile phones at all.

The report was issued by Britain's National...

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Cell Phones Really are a Hazard on Planes

When cell phone use was banned on planes, many of us thought the airlines were just trying to make money by forcing us to use those expensive phones built into the seat in front of us. But a pilot website has posted real experiences from flight crews who have experienced interference caused by cell phone use.

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Cellphone Weapons

Don't use your cellphone just to make calls?use it to attack other cellphones! The design firm Ideo has invented cellphones that discourage people from making unnecessary calls or zap other cellphone users who talk too long or too loudly in public. One design comes with two metal plates attached to it that can send an increasing electric shock...

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Cellphones May Cause Alzheimers

Talking on cellphones is the leading cause of crashes caused by driver distraction, according to the California Highway Patrol. Maybe this is because new evidence shows that cellphones may trigger the early onset of Alzheimer's disease. Studies of rats in Sweden found that radiation from mobile phones damages areas of the brain associated with...

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Do Cellphones Cause Auto Accidents?

New fuel has been added to the long-burning question about whether cellphone use causes car accidents. Harvard researchers have researched government figures for auto accidents, and report that drivers talking on their cellphones are responsible for about 6% of U.S. auto accidents each year, killing an estimated 2,600 people and injuring 330,...

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Cellphones: Are They Dangerous or Not?

Scientists now think it depends on whether you use an older, analog phone or a newer digital model. They?ve decided that the main danger of cellphone use lies with long-term users of first generation analog cell phones, who have up to 80 percent greater risk of developing brain tumors than non-cellphone users. A study of 1,617 Swedish patients...

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Cellphones Make Commuting Dangerous

Passengers on packed trains could be exposed to electromagnetic fields far higher than those recommended under international guidelines when large numbers of commuters all using their mobile phones at the same time. This can happen in buses, subway cars and elevators, and in other closed environments, such as offices, as well.


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Cellphone Driving Like Driving Drunk

Talking on a mobile phone while driving is more dangerous than being over the legal alcohol limit, even if you?re using a hands-free phone. Driving simulator experiments by researchers at the Transport Research Laboratory in the U.K. found that drivers talking on cellphones had 30 per cent slower reaction times than those who had been drinking...

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