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Cellphones Data Can Now Track Anyone Anywhere, And The Technology Is Available To All

New surveillance systems are being offered to governments around the globe, giving them the ability to track the movements of almost any cellphone carrier. The new technology is utilising standard cellular network data, which must constantly monitor the locations of their customers in order to allow calls and messages to be delivered.
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Is There Really A Risk From Cell Phone Radiation?

Over the past few decades, the rapid influx of personal cell phones into our daily lives has prompted a debate over their safety which runs on and on. There is barely a single person in the developed world who does not carry a mobile phone; in fact, the number of mobile devices is set to exceed the world's population this year, according to a...
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Cell Phones are NOT Safe

Is your cell phone safe to use? It depends on how you use it and where you carry it. The World Health Organization (WHO) now says that cell phones pose the same "carcinogenic hazard" as...
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Now our TOYS are Spying on Us!

It's true--There are SPIES everywhere! (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). Basically, your cell phone wants to...
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New Cell Phone Danger

The charges that cell phones damage the brain have died down, perhaps because newer phones emit less radiation. But a recent study shows how cell phone radiation may damage red blood cells, leading to the claims that they cause brain cancer and other diseases.

Swedish physicist Bo Sernelius has discovered that the radiation from cell...

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Exploding Cell Phones

Cell phones are now thought to be safe, although earlier models were implicated in cases of brain cancer. But new cell phone dangers have turned up. Some cell phone batteries have exploded while the phones were in use. And in rare cases, static electricity from cell phones that ring while people are pumping gas have ignited gasoline fumes and...

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Cell Phones Dangerous in Surprising Way

Cell phones have been accused of being dangerous because they beam microwaves into people's brains, but now a new cell phone danger has been discovered. If you talk on your cell phone while walking, it can give you an aching back.

Australian researcher Paul Hodges says this is because of the way we breathe. You may not have noticed this...

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New Cell Phone Towers Make People Sick

Phone towers for the new, high-tech cell phones can cause headaches and nausea, according to Dutch researchers, because they operate at a higher frequency than those for traditional cell phones. This new technology allows callers to use their phones to send messages and photo images.

The Dutch study exposed volunteers in laboratories to...

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Doctors Spreading Infection with Cell Phones

Is your doctor always talking to his office or to patients on his cell phone? According to Israeli investigators, physicians are actually spreading infections throughout hospitals as they talk on their phones.

Deborah Mitchell writes about a study in which Dr. Abraham Borer randomly screened 124 hospital personnel for the germ...
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Don't Talk & Drive

Michael Barr writes in that switching to a hands-free cell phone while driving does not reduce accidents. States like New York, that have banned driving while talking on a conventional cell phone, are discovering this.

Psychologist David Strayer says, "We've done a couple of studies that have directly compared handheld and...

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Cells are Ringing

The Japanese company Modtones hires musicians to translate hit tunes and television themes into the beeps that announce you have a call on your cell phone. In Europe and Japan, customers have spent about $1 billion to have their ring tones customized with their favorite songs. In Japan, 80 million new ring tones are ordered every month, and 60...

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Study Links Cellphone Use to Eye Cancer

For the first time, a scientific study has linked cell phones to human cancer. This research suggests that people who regularly use cellphones are three times more likely to develop eye cancer.

The study was conducted by a team from the University of Essen in Germany, and was published in the journal Epidemiology. It investigated a form...

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