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Animal Mutilations All Over US

Brutal mutilations of pets and farm animals are being reported from many locations nationwide at the present time. In each case, the local media assumes that their problem is unique, and never looks at the bigger picture. At present, there are mutilations, mostly of pet cats, being reported from Bellingham and Spokane, Washington, and from...

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Horse Mutilations

Horses have been found mutilated in the U.K. In one case, a dead female horse was slashed in the belly with a sharp instrument. There was hardly any blood in the field where she was found, although several gallons of blood had been drained from her body.

An injured colt was also found. Symbols were carved into his skin and chunks of...

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Mutilations by Mice?

The cattle mutilations in Argentina that have been describedon Dreamland by Linda Howe have been explained as beingcaused by a species of mouse that exists only in parts ofSouth America.

In April, Argentinian veterinarian Daniel Belot wascontacted by a rancher who found a 1,000-pound AberdeenAngus steer lying on its belly with the left...

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Cattle Mutilations on Dreamland Dec. 12

The Great Falls Tribune reports that cattle mutilations have returned to Montana. The same bizarre mutilations occurred on ranches in the area 20 years ago and local law enforcement agencies are still baffled. There were rumors about UFOs, cults and government conspiracies. The mutilations stopped in the 1990s, but this summer they began again...

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NY Times Reports on Montana Cattle Mutes--Rationally

The relentlessly skeptical New York Times published an article on cattle mutilations on September 17 with the headline: ?Unsolved Mystery Resurfaces in Montana: Who?s Killing Cows.? It's an amazing step for this publication to admit that the cattle mutilations are an unsolved mystery and not simply the work of coyotes.

The article talks...

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Police Ask Scientific Group to Investigate Cattle Mutilations

Police in Montana investigating cattle mutilations are so frustrated that they have asked the National Institute for Discovery Science, a Nevada research institute dedicated to the study of anomalies, for help. Ranchers in Dupuyer and Fort Shaw have reported four cattle deaths. The animals had parts of their faces peeled off and their eyeballs...

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