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Should the Pope Speak Out?

The Pope has allegedly been identified as a target by the terrorist group The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS).

This intention apparently follows the Pope's condemnation of the terror organization's recent actions, when they beheaded a number of Christian victims. The Pope is a known pacifist and has been outspoken...
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Catholic Church Opens Their Doors to Extra-Terrestrials

Religion has always been an emotive subject, and never more so than when introducing the idea of extra-terrestrial life to the devout. For some reason, most organised religions on the planet have rejected the idea of off-earth life forms as being somehow blasphemous.

Why God, who or whatever you believe Him to be, would exclude those...
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Saint Nix

Mother Teresa was no saint, at least according to new research. At a time when we're becoming disillusioned with our Catholic clergy, here's another blow to our beliefs.

Psychologists Serge Lariv...
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Will the Next Pope be Black?

Africa is the continent where Catholicism is strongest, unlike Europe, where people are becoming more secular--even in Italy, home of the Vatican. The exiting Pope Benedict will have a lot of influence on who will be chosen to succeed him.
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Who is to Blame for Priest Pedophilia?

We've all heard about the fact that so many Catholic clergy are "in the closet." It's hard to believe, but it's true: The Vatican denies that this is the problem--instead, they are blaming the 60s "hippie" generation for today's epidemic of pedophilia in...
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In the very place where it shouldn't be - Politicians aren't the only preachers who have been caught being hypocrites: The Catholic Church has had some recent embarrassments as well. Our only consolation is that change is possible.

A Roman Catholic bank in Germany has apologized after admitting it bought stocks in...

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