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Fla Cat Killings may be Solved as Mutilations Hit Texas, Canada

A suspect was arrested in Dade Country, Florida and chargedwith 19 counts of animal cruelty, 19 counts of improperlydisposing of an animal body and 4 counts of burglary in thewave of brutalcat killings that has swept the area in recent weeks.Meanwhile, as reported onMay 24 a resident of Rutland,British Columbia in Canada found...

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Same Person Mutilating Cats in Two States?

We recently wrote about a wave of cat mutilations in Salt Lake City. Now Jason Felch writes in The Denver Post that mutilated cats are being found almost every day in Denver. Some of them have even been mutilated before they've been killed. Police see a link between the Denver and Salt Lake City mutilations.

"The Utah and Colorado cases...

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New Wave of Cat Mutilations

Brandon Griggs writes in the Salt Lake Tribune that a wave of cat mutilations is going on there. Our Dreamland science reporter, Linda Moulton Howe, has reported on similar mutilations from all over the country, yet this story, like most of the others we've read, gives no indication of the scope of the mystery.

Around a year ago, Katy...

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