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Chavez Death May Mean End of Castro Regime

The death of Venezuela President Hugo Chavez on March 5th may ALSO spell the end of Communism is Cuba, because Chavez supported the Castro regime in a way that Venezuela--itself having money problems--cannot really afford, and Chavez's replacement, probably Nicolás Maduro, may not be willing to do the same.

Venezuela sold Cuba...
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JFK Assassination--Did Castro Know Ahead of Time?

On the morning of November 22, 1963, the day Kennedy was killed, Fidel Castro ordered a senior intelligence officer who was monitoring CIA radio communications to concentrate on "any little detail, any small detail from Texas." Four hours latest, the news of Kennedy's assassination was broadcast. Did Castro know about this ahead of time...
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Calling Fidel

Two Miami talk show hosts managed to call Fidel Castro and chew him out on the air, before he hung up on them. They've been fined $4,000 by the FCC and plan to protest this by paying in pennies, so they're asking all their listeners to send in one cent.

Jane Sutton writes in that Enrique Santos and Joe Ferrero, hosts of...

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