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Cars Rebel in the U.K.

We recently wrote about a car rebellion in a town near Area 51 in Nevada, where one day almost all their automatic doors refused to unlock. Now cars are fighting back in a shopping mall parking lot in the U.K., as dozens of cars refused to unlock, setting off all their alarms at the same time.

The Derbyshire (U.K.) Evening Telegraph...

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Silver is Safer

Getting ready to buy a new car? You might want to pay attention to new research showing that people driving silver-colored cars are 50% less likely to be injured in a serious crash. Even white cars don't protect you as well as silver. Researcher Sue Furness says, "We think it may be due to a combination of light color and high reflectivity."...

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Why Auto Companies Push SUVs

Despite the upcoming oil shortage, the government is giving a special tax cut to businesses that purchase large trucks and SUVs. If gas prices are going to keep climbing, auto makers will have a harder and harder time selling these behemoths. So why don't they sell more smaller cars instead? Because big SUVs are the only vehicles that make a...

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Car Faces

We sometimes notice that the combination of a car's headlights, grill and front bumper looks something like a face. Men who love cars see "faces" in them, using the same parts of their brains that recognize human faces, which may be why they feel so much love for their vehicles.

Forty men, half of them car lovers, wore sensors that...

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Car Crashes Caused by Fast Music

It isn?t only the speed at which people drive that causes car crashes, it?s also the speed of the music they?re listening to. Warren Brodsky of Ben-Gurion University in Israel says drivers who listen to fast music in their cars may have more than twice as many accidents as people who listen to slower tracks.

Previous studies have shown...

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