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Free-Wheeling, Fuel-Free, Flying Cars? Space-Age Travel Really Has Arrived

The future of motoring is about to change radically. In the future, there should be no need for noisy, fuel-guzzling vehicles that belch damaging fumes into our precious atmosphere, pounding our roads and harming our environment, as advances in science have provided stunning new alternatives, some of which do not even require a driver.
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What to Watch (and NOT to Watch) Before You Make That Long Drive

Don't set off for that long Thanksgiving holiday drive after watching a horror movie. People's driving behaviors can be subtly influenced by emotionally charged images, and research has shown that people often drive more recklessly after viewing an action movie and more cautiously after seeing a relaxing film.

In the November 20th...
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Not Yet Ready for the Road

Having a hard time parallel parking? Press a button on a touch screen and let the car park itself. This isn't just a dream, but a reality--that really could happen in the...
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Can Teen Cars Drive Themselves?

The teenaged brain is not yet fully formed, which may be the reason why teens have the greatest percentage of auto accidents. Before they buy their kid a car, many parents would like to...
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Traffic Profiling

Blacks often complain that they are singled out for traffic violations more often than whites--that in effect, they are being punished for "driving while black."

But what about blacks (and Hispanics)...
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Can't Find a Parking Place? Get a Folding Car!

There are folding bikes, but a folding car? The Hiriko "Fold" can do just that. This should solve your parking problems.

It's an electric car, and the doors are different--Once the...
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When Cars Drive Themselves

Inventors are working hard to create self-driving cars: There have been so many trials of them in Nevada that it has become the first American state to pass a law to regulate such trials on public roads.
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Vets Having Trouble Behind the Wheel

Our Iraq and Afghanistan war vets are coming home with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disease), and due to the roadside bombs they encountered when they were abroad, many of them are having trouble...
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Finding That Elusive Parking Place

Lots of us wish that cars would not only drive themselves, but that they would park themselves too. While a few automakers are starting to create cars that can do that, for most of us,...
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If Only Cars Could Drive Themselves

Being stuck in heavy traffic on your way to the mall to get last minute gifts can take away your Christmas spirit FAST. Thousands...
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Are You Like Your Car?

If you drive a Prius, do you find that Mercedes are always cutting you off? A new study shows that people who view their car as an extension of themselves have stronger aggressive driving tendencies.
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Future Cars May Fix Themselves

The future may be more amazing than we can imagine (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to these shows and we will hold...
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Your Next Car May be Made from Fruit

Some people think we buy cars that look like us, but if your next car is made from fruit, that won't be the case. Hopefully it won't be a lemon, but it COULD be a pineapple or a banana. And that plastic bottle you're drinking out of could turn out to be made out of meat scraps.
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New Car Problems

Some new cars have special problems, including animal invasions. For instance, Mazda has had to recall 65,000 new cars because of an infestation of spiders in the hoses leading to their gas tanks.
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Can Cars Run on Air?

Over the years, we've written about many other places to get fuel than out of the ground (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). How about out of the air? It turns out that car fuel can be created from...
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Driverless Cars

The only safe way? - Cars don't cause auto accidents--drivers do, which is why the ultimate goal of some engineers is to create cars that don't need drivers. And if you're the pedestrian and one of these vehicles hits you, you're more likely to die if you don't have insurance.

A team of driverless cars took a 3-month...

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Car Cancer

While drivers have to worry about speed traps and traffic jams, almost nobody considers the effects of prolonged sun exposure from driving. (NOTE: Subscribers get to chat with David Sereda on August 14!) It's a kind of CARma that happens on the left side of your face. This is important, because the rate of men dying from the deadliest form of...

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Drive Your Car Using Only Your Eyes

You will soon be able to operate your TV and stereo with a wave of your hand and control your ear buds with your eyes, but will it be safe to drive your car using your eyes alone?

German researchers have done it: They've developed a new technology that lets drivers steer cars using only their eyes. The car was recently tested on the...

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Cars Safer Than Ever

But only if you can afford the expensive brands - Car crashes kill more Americans between the ages of 1 and 45 than any other cause. Improvements in motor vehicle safety have been recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as ranking among the 20th century's top public health achievements, BUT a recent study...

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Prius Problems Caused by Cosmic Rays?

Something suspicious is going on: Federal regulators are studying whether sudden acceleration in Toyotas has to do with cosmic rays. They affect the computers in airplanes and spacecraft, so why not Toyotas too?

The design of Toyota's microprocessors, memory chips and software could make them more vulnerable to these space particles...

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Clunkers & cars of tomorrow - People may look like their dogs, but they IDENTIFY with their cars (especially their old ones) and have a hard time saying goodbye to them, even when the government institutes something like the Cash for Clunkers program. And maybe your NEXT car should go to driving school (instead of you)....

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Why Do Car Accidents Happen?

Two good things to know when you get in your car: windshields don't give us skin cancer anymore and facial fractures from car crashes appear to be decreasing, most likely due to design improvements in newer vehicles. But none of this helps prevent the biggest cause of accidents: road rage.

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Tired of That Old Car?

Trade it in on a red one WITHOUT buying a new car! - We may someday wear clothes that will make us invisible. Did you know that, in the future, you may ALSO be able to instantly change the color of your car?

Bored with your old car but can't afford a new one? Want to show support for your favorite team during the season...

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Cars from Cocoanuts

Tires from soy flour & NEW CAR BATTERIES - At the recent Detroit auto show, desperate car companies displayed their new models to a largely bored crowd. The only thing that caught people's interest was the new electric car, the Chevy Volt. If the car companies survive, the only thing that will save them is innovation, such...

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Cars Without Drivers

The US government is holding contests with big prizes for scientists who can develop cars that drive themselves. What's the rationale behind this: Avoiding auto accidents? Developing jeeps and tanks that are not vulnerable to roadside bombs? Exploration of the moon and Mars? Keep reading to learn more.

In BBC news, Jon Stewart reports...

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Cars That Think

Would accidents be eliminated if cars could drive themselves? Someday cars may fix their own dents. Cars already automatically lock doors when they sense motion and turn on warning lights if they detect potential engine problems. But they are about to get even smarter?they may soon be capable of analyzing human behavior.

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Cars That Fix Their Own Dents

Thanks to a recent court decision, we can look forward to cars that are less polluting. Soon we may be able to buy a car that can fix itself.

Researchers are working to create metals that "remember" their original shapes and that, with the application of a small amount of heat, can snap back to their original shapes. This means that a...

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Big Cars Encourage Reckless Driving

On this web site in the past, we have asked the question: Are SUVs evil? Some people say that SUV drivers are more reckless than drivers of regular cars. Is this true?

SUVs are really trucks in disguise, since they are car-like vehicles built on a truck chassis. Most SUV drivers feel safer being surrounded by so much steel, but they aren...

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Express Yourself With Your Car

Someday you may be able to buy a car that "smiles" or"frowns," meaning you'll no longer feel the need to makenasty gestures to other drivers.

Sabra Chartrand writes in The New York Times that Toyota isdeveloping a car that can glare angrily at another car aswell as appear to cry, laugh or wink. Kenji Mori, NaotoKitagawa, Akihiro Inukai...

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Hybrids Dangerous in Crashes

Hybrid cars, that use both a gasoline engine and an electric motor, could put rescue workers at risk of serious electrical shocks as they try to rescue people from crashed cars. "If you're walking up to a [hybrid] car that's laid up on its side, the last thing we're looking forward to is getting electrocuted," says volunteer fireman Herbert...

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