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The History Of The "Red Planet" May Help Us To Understand Climate Change on Earth

The question of whether life ever existed on Mars has inspired scientists - and songwriters - for decades. The Red Planet is currently an arid, icy desert where no sign of life remains, but was it always this way?

It is widely recognised that living entities have three basic requirements: standing water, an energy source and the five...
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Scientists Say Amazon Rainforest Is Drying Out With Catastrophic Results

A few weeks ago, Unknown Country reported that NASA were investing millions of dollars into a new laser-based instrument, located on the International Space Station,  which is intended to provide a unique 3-D view of Earth’s forests...
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Rapid Onset Of Climate Change Could Seriously Affect Feeding Patterns In Marine Life

Climate change is already upon us, experts say, and we are already feeling its adverse effects in the form of extreme weather events: scorching temperatures leading to droughts, torrential rains causing widespread flooding, and record freezes bringing feet of snow.

But what of the less obvious effects of global warming?

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Weekender: Forests, The Carbon Cycle and the Sleeping Arctic Giant...

This weekend, hundreds of thousands of people will take to the streets for the People’s Climate March, part of the biggest global protest ever to highlight the issue of climate change.

The march will take place in New York on September 21st, ahead of a major United Nations summit that is bringing together government leaders...
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Free-Wheeling, Fuel-Free, Flying Cars? Space-Age Travel Really Has Arrived

The future of motoring is about to change radically. In the future, there should be no need for noisy, fuel-guzzling vehicles that belch damaging fumes into our precious atmosphere, pounding our roads and harming our environment, as advances in science have provided stunning new alternatives, some of which do not even require a driver.
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Instead of burying it or hoping our oceans will absorb it, why don't we just grab all that carbon dioxide out of the air?

A group of researchers think that a CO2...
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Buried CO2 May Cause Quakes

Burying carbon dioxide in the ground or even in the ocean has been proposed as one of the solutions to the greenhouse gas...
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What if We Invent a Machine to REMOVE Carbon Dioxide?

A climate change prediction that Whitley Strieber used as research for his book Nature's End thirty years ago has proved to be not only accurate, but to have understated the intensity of global warming by 30%.
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Warming Means More Weeds

With global warming comes increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which benefits at least one species: weeds. Carbon dioxide acts as a fertilizer to invasive exotic grasses, resulting in higher growth rates and larger leaves. These stronger plants are also proving more...
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Tiny Bubbles

Getting rid of CO2 in the atmosphere by capturing it and burying it in the ground sounds like a good idea, but a Canadian farm couple whose land lies over the world's largest carbon capture and storage project says greenhouse gases seeping up from the soil are...
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Plants Won't Save Us

But they CAN heal themselves! - Plants are pooped?they probably won't soak up any more carbon dioxide as the planet continues to warm. They've got to concentrate on healing themselves too: they make their own "aspirin!"

Some grassland that was being tested absorbed less CO2 than usual for two years following temperatures...

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Poison Ivy is GOOD?

If we need a plant to suck up excess carbon dioxide, we can plant lots of?.poison ivy?

In the July 17 edition of The New York Times, Anne Raver writes that when researchers pumped high levels of CO2 into an area planted in poison ivy, in a controlled experiment, the weed thrived AND the resin that causes the rash INCREASED. Raver quotes...

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Diamonds are Pollution's Best Friend

Andy Coghlan writes in New Scientist magazine about a marvelous way to clean up carbon dioxide?turn it into diamonds. "We are changing a waste gas into gems," says Chinese researcher Qianwang Chen.

It's even cheaper than the current method of creating manmade diamonds, which requires up five million atmospheres of pressure and ultra-...

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