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Who Has More Trouble Finding the Car?

In the midst of frantic Christmas shopping, here's something you should know: A new study shows that men and women use different techniques to find their cars in crowded parking lots. Women rely more on visible landmarks (and often take huge detours while searching), while men...
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Wild Video Games Produce Reckless Drivers

Psychologists have long argued about whether or not video games are dangerous for kids, but thing's for sure: They're bad for their DRIVING skills. And with the majority of fatal auto accidents involving teens, this is not good news.

Teens who play mature-rated...
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Your Car Has a Black Box Too

When investigators look through the wreckage of a crashed airplane, one of the first things they search for is the "black box" (which is actually painted orange), because it recorded what happened to the plane during its last half hour of its flight, and also records cockpit conversations during that period of time. Now congress wants...
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A Car That Won't Let You Drink and Drive

Engineers are working on a car that drives itself, but what may come first is a car that doesn't let YOU drive when you've had too much to drink.

In 1982, about 49% of drivers killed in car wrecks had blood-alcohol levels of 0.08 or higher. By 1994, that...
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Does Your Car Have a Personality?

Lots of people think their cars have a specific personality. A new study has discovered that many people see human facial features in the front end of automobiles and ascribe various personality traits to cars?a modern experience driven by our prehistoric psyches.

Researchers, product designers and, of course, animated filmmakers have...

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Future 'Brown Outs' Caused by CARS

When the weather gets hot in the summer?and with global warming, summers are going to be hotter than ever?we're all familiar with electrical "brown outs," where our air conditioners and appliances don't work as well as they used to?and sometimes even stop working, due to overload of the electrical grid. What we may not realize is that the...

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New Car? Take a Deep Breath?

Hopefully your next car will fix itself and run on garbage, but even if you can't achieve those worthy goals, you can still enjoy that wonderful "new car smell." But is it toxic?

That distinctive scent is made up of the newly-minted metal, leather, upholstery and plastic that brand-new cars are made of. Some people have postulated that...

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Airbags Can Cause Deafness

An airbag can save your life in a car crash?but it can also cause you to go deaf.

Researchers estimate that 17% percent of the people who are exposed to deployed airbags in American cars will suffer from permanent hearing loss, and airbag deployment is more hazardous to the ears when a car's windows are rolled down.

Dr. G. Richard...

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Pentagon Race to Find a Car that Drives Itself

Most of the time, it's human mistakes that cause auto accidents?take away the human driver and car crashes will be a thing of the past. This seems obvious, so why did the Pentagon sponsor a race to find the best self-propelled car?

The Independent report that the military sponsored an actually NASCAR-style race, in which driverless cars...

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To Avoid Bird Droppings Don't Buy a White Car

The next time a big white truck or SUV cuts off your Mini, you can exult in this discovery: a new study shows that birds prefer to drop their poop on white cars, because they associate that color with predators.

UK researcher Charles West, who surveyed 2,000 car owners, also found that dark blue and black the cars are the least likely...

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Car Designed Just for Women

Volvo has a new concept car designed especially for women. It has changeable seat pads, in different colors and patterns, tons of storage, and a hood that doesn't open.

Jorn Madslien writes in that the car, which is now on display at the Geneva auto show in Switzerland, was designed by a team of women. "The car is shown with...

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