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Are Brain Tumors Contagious?

Cancer is becoming less of mystery than it once was. For instance, researchers now know that there is a genetic predisposition for certain types of breast cancer. Now they've discovered that how many brothers and sisters you have, especially younger ones, could predict your chances of developing a brain tumor, because brain tumors may be "...

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Cancer: How to Avoid It & What to Do if You Get It

Personal choices, such as smoking and consumption of fatty foods, have long been linked to increased cancer risk. According to researchers in Seattle, exercising six days a week reduces the risk of colon cancer in men. Another study shows that women who eat flame-broiled foods more than twice a month may be at increased risk of breast cancer...

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Pill to Stop the Spread of Cancer

We've reported in the past that cancer has eternal life. Now there may be a pill that prevents its spread, which is what usually kills people who contract the disease.

A chemically altered form of vitamin E mixed into mouse chow dramatically reduced spread of aggressive mammary cancer in mice, suggesting that this could be used to treat...

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Braveheart & Broccoli

In the movie Braveheart, Mel Gibson led a group of Scottish warriors who painted their faces blue. Now it turns out they may have known what they were doing: the blue dye they used contains a powerful breast cancer-fighting substance called woad, which belongs to the same family as broccoli and cauliflower (which are also good cancer...

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Devastating Male Disease Traced to Corn

We've recently written about the surprising evils of corn. Now it turns out that, along with baby bottles, corn may be at least partly responsible for the terrible epidemic of prostate cancer now sweeping the Western world.

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Why a Cancer Prevention Cannot be Used

Scientists are desperately searching for cures for cancer. Despite some breakthroughs, they are making a lot less progress than they'd hoped. Cervical cancer is a diseasewith few symptoms. If there was a vaccine that could prevent cervical cancer in women, wouldn't you assume this country would embrace it with great joy? There IS such a vaccine...

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Why Asians Get So Old & Wise

They drink green tea! Researcher have discovered that a major ingredient in green tea prevents cancer and Alzheimer's disease. China and other Asian countries, where the most green tea is consumed, are well known for paying attention to the wisdom of their elders.

Researchers at the University of South Florida have found that green tea...

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Finally: A Cure for Cancer?

Newswise - Medical researchers say a medicine called Revlimid, which isnot yet on the market, may be a cure for somecancers, and may lead to cures for more, especially if themechanism by which it works can be understood. Doctors whoused it to treat a common form of leukemia discovered thatthe substance actually cured the cancer...

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Heading for the Beach? Pack Your Antioxidants!

Newswise - Due to increased solar activity and the thinning of theozone layer, the deadly skin cancermelanoma isbeing seen more frequently in children. Despite theavailability of sunscreens, skin cancer in general is on therise. A group of chemists have discovered that adding amixture of antioxidants to sunscreen enhances its...

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Genes Explain Why Asians Get Less Breast Cancer

Newswise - It's long been known that Asian women have less breastcancer, and when they do develop the disease, they livelonger than other women. No one knew whether this was due totheir lifestyles or their genes. Now it's been discoveredthat Asian women living in England and Wales have a muchlower risk of breast cancer than...

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Cancer has Eternal Life

We recently explained that aging and death are caused by the fact that the ends of our cells, called telomeres, shorten every time the cell divides. But there is one kind of cell that has the secret of eternal life: cancer cells. If we could learn how they live forever, unless killed by chemotherapy or radiation, we might be able to figure out...

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Do Deodorants Cause Breast Cancer?

Chemical preservatives from underarm deodorants have been found in breast cancer tumors. Researcher Philip Harvey says, "From this research it is not possible to say whether parabens actually caused these tumors, but they may certainly be associated with the overall rise in breast cancer cases."

Biologist Philippa Darbre says, "?These...

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Childhood Cancer Caused by Infection

A common infection could be the cause of the mysterious brain and lymphatic cancers that kill young children. Scientists have discovered that childhood cancer cases cluster together in a way that suggests that this is the origin. And how do adults who survived childhood cancer feel about their lives today?

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New Cancer Protection: Pizza

Italian researchers say eating pizza can protect against cancer. This is certainly more palatable than the latestcure from Thailand. They say eating pizza regularly reduces the risk of developing cancer of the esophagus by 59%. Colon cancer fell by 26% and mouth cancer by 34% among pizza eaters.

The reason could be the lycopene, the...

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Cancer Survivors Shouldn't Have Kids

Roger Highfield writes in the Telegraph (U.K.) newspaper that it may be dangerous for cancer survivors to have children, since the genetic changes caused by radiation and chemotherapy can be passed down to their children and grandchildren, putting them at greater risk of developing cancer.

Researcher Dr. Yuri Dubrova has discovered that...

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Cancerous Conditions at Glamorous High School

An alarming number of cases of cancer are turning up among former students of Beverly Hills High School in California, in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the country. Many of its graduates became movie stars. People blame the cancer on pollution from oil rigs that are set up next to the school's athletic fields. Famous...

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Cancer-Proof Mouse May Lead to Human Immunity

Scientists have discovered a cancer-proof mouse that can survive being injected with cancer cells. If they can figure out how the mice do it, they may be able to develop gene or drug therapies that will make us cancer-proof too. Doctors know that, in rare cases, cancers go away by themselves, but they never knew it could be genetic. The cancer...

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Montezuma's Blessing

Bacteria isn't always bad?the same bug that gives travelers "the runs" can protect you from colon cancer. Scientists have discovered that the bacteria that causes Montezuma's Revenge also slows the growth of dividing colon cancer cells, which may be the reason that colon cancer is mostly found in developed nations, while diarrhea caused by...

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It's Safe to Eat Potato Chips Again!

About a year ago, we received the depressing news that high levels of a chemical found in the foods we love to eat, like potato chips, french fries and bread, raises the risk of getting cancer. Acrylamide is a cancer-causing chemical that forms as a result of a reaction at high temperatures between specific sugars and other chemicals found in...

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Cancer Capital of the World

Marin County in California has been called "the breast cancer capital of the world" because it has an unusually high rate of breast cancer?as does Long Island, New York. Residents suspect environmental causes, but epidemiologist Tina Clarke says, "It's not the geography; it's the demography. It's the type of person living in Marin County."...

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Longtime Dream: Cancer Vaccine

Scientists are close to developing an effective vaccine against cancer that will starve tumors to death. When they've tried to kill tumors before, the cancer has mutated and become resistant to the treatment. This new vaccine will target the blood cells that surround them. This prevents the cancerous cells receiving the nutrients they need,...

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Go for the Whole Wheat

People who eat a diet high in white bread, white rice and potatoes increase their risk of pancreatic cancer, because this type of diet increases insulin levels, which have been linked to the cancer. Another reason to choose whole wheat: people who eat whole grains decrease their risk of Type II diabetes.

Dr. Charles Fuchs of Harvard...

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Breast Feeding Helps Prevent Cancer

Western women could reduce their breast cancer risk bynearly 60% if they breastfed their children longer. Thishelps explain why breast cancer is now a major killer,despite being almost unknown 200 years ago.

Having an average of six children and breastfeeding them fortwo years would reduce the incidence of breast cancer tothird world...

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How to Avoid Dangerous Steaks

One of the joys of summer is being able to slap a steak on the charcoal grill. There's only one problem: grilling meat can cause it to become cancerous.

Carcinogenic heterocyclic amines are created from the amino acids in the meat when it?s grilled. Actually, any kind of extreme heat does this: grilling, searing, pan roasting, frying...
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Cancer From Food You Eat Everyday

Bread, biscuits, potato chips and french fries contain alarmingly high quantities of acrylamide, a substance believed to cause cancer, according to Swedish scientists. The research carried out at Stockholm University in cooperation with Sweden's National Food Administration, a government food safety agency, shows that when carbohydrate-rich...

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