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Stay Away from Gorillas

And don't eat them! - A 62-year-old African woman living in Paris who tested positive for HIV is carrying a new strain of the virus which comes from gorillas. This was probably caused by eating illegally imported bush meat (monkey meat), which is considered a delicacy by many Africans living in Europe.

In the August 3rd...

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Sales of Human Skin and Sex Organs in Africa

Tanzania is trying to stop the sale of human skin. At an international business fair there, visitors will see a gruesome exhibit of human body parts in the government's effort to discourage the underground trade in human skin. And nuns have discovered a trafficking network in children's sex organs in Mozambique.

The skin and sex organs...

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Animals Disappearing Because They're Being Eaten

Animals on the endangered species list are not only dying because their habitats are being destroyed?they're also being eaten, as bushmeat. Five million tons of bushmeat come from the Congo basin alone every year, threatening several species, including elephants and great apes. A lot of it is exported to Africans living abroad.


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Bushmeat Sold in London

As much as ten tons of African bushmeat, from endangered species such as chimpanzees and gorillas, may be sold in London every day. So much is being sold that some African countries hardly have any animals left to poach. Despite recent efforts to save the great apes, there?s a great danger that they may soon become extinct in the wild.


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