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Take a breathalyzer test to find out why you're fat--Take a spit test to find out why you're violent.

A new study indicates that a simple saliva test could be an effective tool in predicting violent behavior such as bullying, since there's a link between...
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Being Bullied Changes Your Kid's Genes

Does this explain the kind of thing that went on at Columbine?

A recent study suggests that bullying by peers changes the structure surrounding a gene involved in regulating mood, making victims more vulnerable to mental health...
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How Bullies Plan Their Attacks

If there's one change we all want in the future, it's no more "Columbine"-type mass murders in schools. We all hate bullies and scientists have discovered that they are more likely to attack fat kids, who already have plenty of problems: About half of mothers of children who are obese at age 5 report some form of intimate partner violence (in...

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