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Foot-and-Mouth Studied at Secret U.S. Laboratory

For almost 50 years, scientists at a secret laboratory on Plum Island off Long Island in New York have studied live foot-and-mouth virus. If released, the virus would devastate the 45 million dollar U.S. livestock industry.

"Here at Plum Island, we are in a constant state of readiness 7 days a week, 365 days a year, heightened even more...

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New Mad Cow Disease Theory

British scientists are beginning to seriously consider a new theory about the cause of Mad Cow Disease, proposed by organic farmer Mark Purdey, who feels that the conventional explanation-that BSE is caused by animals beingfed infected meat and bone meal-is wrong.

Purdey believes that Mad Cow Disease is caused by cattle being exposed to...

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Possible Mad Cow Sheep Found in Vermont

Federal officials have seized a flock of 234 sheep in Vermont that they fear may be infected with a version of Mad Cow Disease. This is the first seizure of any U.S. farm animals. The Agriculture Department says that the sheep, imported from Belgium, could be carrying a form of the disease.

The sheep were taken to federal laboratories in...

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Foot-and-Mouth Pyres May Spread Mad Cow

Britain's blazing foot and mouth funeral pyres risk giving people the human form of Mad Cow Disease, the British government admitted.

The carcasses of animals found to have hoof and mouth disease are being burned in order to stop the spread of the disease to other livestock. However, there is a risk that the smoke from these fires may...

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Britain Braces for Food Shortages

British food retailers warned that emergency measures adopted by the government to attempt to halt the spread of hoof-and-mouth disease, discovered in the UK last week, are liable to cause food shortages in the near term.

All importation of live animals and movement of farm animals has been prohibited in an effort to stop spread of the...

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