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Bad Bread and Good Beer

Early cultures separated into tribes (something many countries still do) in order to keep themselves safe. But they needed to mix with other tribes as well--in order to spread their DNA around, as well as to make friends.

In the March 17th edition of the New York Times, Jeffrey P. Kahn writes: "These lifesaving social instincts...
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YOU May be an Addict

But I don't drink too much or take drugs, you say, so how could that be? But you may have a very common addiction--to bread.

CBS News quotes cardiologist William Davis as saying that modern wheat is a "perfect, chronic poison."

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Is Bread Bad?

Red meat may be a killer, but what about bread--do carbohydrates really make us fat? Not all carbs are created equal when it comes down to how our bodies are process them. Carbohydrates, whether complex or simple are all converted to blood sugar. The greater the amount consumed the...
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