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Terrorist Had Brain Damage

German terrorist Ulrike Meinhof had a brain operation in the 1960s that may have caused her to become one of Europe's most feared urban killers. German psychiatrist Bernhard Bogerts, who studied her brain for 5 years, says it showed "pathological modifications." Meinhof committed suicide in 1976, and her brain was removed without the family?s...

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What's Different About a Killer's Brain

Now that the D.C. area sniper has finally been caught, people are dismayed at how "ordinary" he seems. Yet we can't imagine ourselves doing something like that, so is there anything basically different about the brains of serial killers?

Some answers come from a scientific study of Joel Rifkin, who strangled 17 prostitutes in four years...

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Brain on a Chip

Scientist have found a way to keep slices of living brain tissue alive for weeks and use them to test drugs for neurological and psychiatric disorders. This sounds like something out of an old science fiction movie, where a decapitated human head was kept alive with wires coming out of it, but the "mini-brain" is much sleeker than that. It...

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Kids on Ritalin Have Smaller Brains

Children with serious attention problems have smaller brains, but scientists say medication is not to blame. A 10-year U.S. study shows that the brains of children and teenagers with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are 3% to 4% smaller than those of other children. Are their smaller brains the cause of ADHD?or the result of...

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You Can Get Along Fine with No Brain

The campus doctor at the University of Sheffield in the U.K. was treating a math major, when he noticed that the student's head was a little larger than normal. He referred the student to neurology professor John Lorber, who gave the student a CAT scan and discovered he has virtually no brain at all, despite having an IQ of 126 and doing well in...
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Can't Remember Names? Wear a Computer

If you can't remember the names of the people you've beenintroduced to 5 minutes later, wear a computer thatremembers for you. Accenture Technology Labs has created aPersonal Awareness Assistant (PAA) that uses speechrecognition software. It doesn't have a keyboard ormouse--it consists of two wireless microphones, one worn inthe user's ear and...

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Do Video Games Damage the Brain?

A Japanese surgeon claims that video games can damage thebrain. Akio Mori, a cranial nerve specialist at NihonUniversity College of Humanities and Sciences in Tokyo, sayshe?s concerned about the impact of video games on children'sbrains, after he recorded a lack of beta brainwave activityin young people who played them frequently.


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Musicians Have More Gray Matter

Professional musicians have more gray matter in the part of the brain that processes music. This may explain why some people seem to be born musicians, while the rest of us struggle with piano lessons. But scientists aren?t sure whether some people are born with the extra gray matter, or if it?s developed over years of practicing an instrument...

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Brain Areas Located for Religion, Sense of Self

Professor Andrew Newberg, of the University of Pennsylvania, measures prayer. He invites Buddhists and Franciscan nuns to meditate and pray in a secluded room. At the peak of their devotions, he injects a tracer that travels to their brains and reveals brain activity at the moment of transcendence.

He has found that there is a small...

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This Part of Brain Makes Us Human

Everything that makes us "human" is thought to be contained in a part of our brains the size of a billiard ball.Researchers who study the brain say they think they have found the part of it that sets us apart from other primates.

Putting ourselves in others' shoes, or understanding what others may be thinking, is what scientists consider...

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