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Brains are Better Later

Recent research into how the brain develops suggests that people are better equipped to make major life decisions in their late 20s than earlier in the decade. It turns out that the brain is still...
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Your Experiences Change Your Brain

Lots of things change our brains (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to these shows). Changes in sensory experience...
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Our Brain Takes Snapshots

It turns out that the human brain takes a series of snapshots, very quickly, that appears to us as continuous perception. This is the way a movie filmstrip works--the dark line between each frame tricks the eye and the brain to perceiving a series of still images as moving. Could this be why it is so difficult for us to see the visitors--that they...
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Duped by Our Own Brains

Why do the elderly support politicians who want to do away with Medicare and Social Security? Scientists say this is because a specific area of the brain has deteriorated or is damaged.

By examining patients with various forms of brain damage, researchers have pinpointed the precise location in the human brain, called the...
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New Cure: Zap the Brain

Drug research is changing: instead of pills, researchers are concentrating on "bioelectronics" that "zap" the brain into healing the body through electronic signaling. A lot this has to do with implants (NOTE:...
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Eating Too Much Causes Memory Loss

Can't remember where you put your keys? (How about your Key!) Are you more forgetful than you used to be? It could be because you're EATING TOO MUCH.

New research suggests that consuming between 2,100 and 6,000 calories per day may double the risk of memory loss among...
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Our Brains are Shrinking, Even Though We're Using Them More

We always assume that humans are getting smarter all the time, but we may really be getting dumber. In fact, human brains are actually SHRINKING, despite the fact that our heads are actually getting LARGER. And why do so many people do two--or more--things at once, like...
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Do You Hear Voices in Your Head?

The Visitors "talk" to people in their heads and now our government is learning how to do the same thing.
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Think Better in a Foreign Language

Researchers have found that people are more likely to make rational decisions and take favorable risks when they think through a problem in a foreign language (of course, you need to...
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How to Predict Your Future

While we can't all be clairvoyant, neuroscientists who are able to "watch" our brains in action with fMRI machines have determined that activity in a region of the brain associated with reward can predict who will...
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Everything I Need to Know (I Learned in Kindergarten)

Attentiveness in kindergarten accurately predicts the development of "work-oriented" skills in school children.

Elementary school teachers made observations of attention skills in over a thousand kindergarten children, then later, when these...
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How Sunshine Changes Us

It doesn't just bring us Vitamin D, it can affect all brain activity--including the central nervous system--leading to changes in human behavior. And the recent solar flares coming from the sun may lead to an even GREATER response than...
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Do Video Games Improve the Brain?

Some researchers worry that violent video games will make their players (usually young boys) more violent, while other scientists think they help build brain power. Wouldn’t it be nice...
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Athletes: Forget the Body--It's Your BRAIN That's Important!

Forget the idea of the dumb athlete, a new study shows that professional athletes have BETTER brains. In fact, psychologists, rather than coaches, are devising tests to tell how good a soccer player will become in the future.

It has long been known that physical ability and ball sense are not enough to become really good at soccer. A...
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Love Changes Our Brains

Our brains are constantly rewiring themselves based on the events in daily life, and what we pay the most attention to is what effects them the most. This means that the way you decide to spend your time literally transforms you.

In the March 25th edition of...
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We're Hard-Wired for Happiness

Despite all the awful things that happen to human beings during their lifetimes, we seem to be genetically optimistic. When we marry, we never think we'll get divorced. When we get a new job, we don't expect to be fired. And it's...
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How You Use Your Cell Shows How You Use Your Brain

Which ear do you use for your cell phone? If you’re a left brain thinker, chances are you use your right hand to hold your cell phone up to your right ear. There is a strong correlation between brain dominance and the ear used to listen to a cell phone, with more than 70% of participants holding their cell phone up to the ear on the same...
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How to Get a Better Memory

Ever gone to the movies and forgotten where you parked the car? New research may one day help you improve your memory.

Neuroscientists have demonstrated that they can strengthen memory in patients by stimulating a critical junction in the brain. The finding could lead to a new method for boosting memory in patients with early...
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Arabic Readers See the World Differently

A new study shows that Arabic readers recognize words in a different way from readers of other languages. Does this mean their brains are different? If so, it could help explain the continual tensions...
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Love Makes Our Brains Bigger

Mother love is important: School-age children whose mothers nurtured them early in life have brains with a larger hippocampus, a key structure important to learning, memory and response to...
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How to be Instantly Smarter

The idea of a simple, cheap and widely available device that could boost brain function (no more late nights studying for exams?) sounds too good to be true, but it may be a reality. Neurologists are coming up with brain stimulation techniques that may make us all...
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People in Groups Get Dumb

New research has found that small-group dynamics--such as jury deliberations, collective bargaining sessions, and cocktail parties --can alter the intelligence of some people, LOWERING their IQs. Could this be part of the reason for Congressional gridlock?
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Reading Changes Your Brain

We know that the Visitors are changing our brains. It turns out that the act of reading changes our brains too (but some types of reading are better than others).

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Instant Learning is in Your future

New research suggests it may be possible to learn high-performance tasks with little or no conscious effort. It may be possible to use brain technology to learn to play a piano, reduce mental stress or...
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Bees Function Like a Brain

Bees do a quantum dance in order to tell the other members of their hive where to find the honey. Now scientists have discovered that warms of bees and brains, which are made up of neurons, both make decisions in the same way.
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Older Brains are Better

Christmas is the season when we get together with elderly friends and relatives (NOTE: You can watch the video here), and Santa's not so young either! Have...
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Do You Have Fat Hairs in Your Brain?

We learn something new about obesity every day. We've learned that being fat starts in your brain, and now scientists say that appetite regulation has to do with the HAIRS in your brain. In other words, if you have fat brain hairs, you'll have a fat...
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Learning From Brain Cells Grown in a Lab

It sounds like something you might find in a horror movie, but it's REAL: Scientists are studying mental disorders, such as schizophrenia or autism, by studying brain cells in a petri dish. Their goal is not to be ghouls, but to uncover what goes wrong inside the brain before the...
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High Altitudes Produce Bigger Brains

New research shows that The higher up in latitude you live, the bigger your brain AND eyeballs will be. But does this mean that people who live in these regions are better thinkers? Relatively few innovations have come from people living in these parts of the world, but...
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Exercise is Good for the BRAIN

We know that exercise is good for the body, but now researchers have found that it's also good for the BRAIN: Both aerobic exercise and strength training play a vital role in maintaining brain and cognitive health throughout life.
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