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Botox for Gamblers

Who needs to keep a straight face and not reveal their emotions? Poker players! Despite sometimes unintended consequences, a doctor is betting that poker players are going to be the next...
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Why No One Laughs at Your Jokes Anymore

People get Botox injections in order to remove facial wrinkles (but it doesn't always work), and there's a joke going around that the actresses who use it are no longer able to express their emotions, since their faces are too frozen. Botox works by temporarily paralyzing the muscles that cause wrinkles, but now it's been discovered that it may...

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Botox Gives You Wrinkles

People who have botox injections to get rid of their wrinkles may develop new ones as a result of the treatment. Dr. David Becker says people unconsciously recreate facial expressions in the areas where their facial muscles have been paralyzed. This causes nearby muscles to take over the movements, which can create new wrinkles. One example is...

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