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Is Your Boss a Primate?

If he (or she) acts like an ape, it's because he's at the top of the pecking order (and if you want to keep your job, you'll "groom" him).

When a subordinate chimpanzee grooms a dominant one, it often does so for a long time and doesn't wait to be "asked." When it in...
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A Bad Boss Can Wreck Your Marriage

If you're lucky enough to have a job, do you take your work home with you? It turns out that having an abusive boss not only causes problems at work but can lead to strained relationships at home. The stress and tension have an impact on...
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Can You Trust Your Boss?

When you start a new job, your boss may be more likely to trust YOU than you are to trust him (or her). But if he's like most CEOs these days, one thing you CAN trust him to do is exit with a big payoff, even if he's fired.
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Is Your Boss Crazy?

Jobs are so scarce these days, that you might have to put up with him or her, but here's the bad news: a recent study claims that 25% of CEOs meet the criteria for a psychopathic personality. If you've every thought, "That sounds like MY boss," you might be wondering what to do about it.
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