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Mysterious Booms Heard Down Under

Mysterious booms, bangs and shudders have been reported on Unknown Country for years, and they continue to be a phenomenon that we monitor with a keen interest.

The unexplained noises have been heard all across the globe, including Canada,...
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How Does It Sound?

When shopping for a computer or a new appliance, what makes you choose one brand over the other? There are lots of things to consider: How it works, any special features it may have, cost, repair reputation--even color and design. But here's one feature you probably never thought about: How it SOUNDS.
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Mystery Booms are Back

Dramatic booming noises have been heard in at least twoAmerican cities in recent weeks, in San Diego on April 4 and Buffalo on April 12. Unusual cloud formations werephotographed in San Diego in 2004. The clouds appeared very suddenly over the Miramar MarineAir Station, and did not seem to observers to function likethunderheads. "Nothing seemed...

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More Mystery Booms is continuing its reporting on the big booms that have been heard along the East Coat recently. They?ve been especially loud along the coast of North Carolina. They have been heard since the 1800s, when author James Fenimore Cooper called them ?Seneca Guns? in one of his short stories. Officials have determined that they are...

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Mystery Tremors in US, Australia is one of the few news sources in theworld that is able to assemble similar unusual stories fromdifferent areas, and now it appears that mystery tremors,like the mystery booms reported last week, are taking placein diverse areas.

Like the booms, the tremors are being explained as localphenomena, but, when they occur in...

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Richmond Booms May Be Explained

Richmond police announced today that several 'pressureproducing devices' had been found in a neighborhood in NorthRichmond. Fire Captain Mike Martin told assembled reportersthat the devices had been found both above and below ground.

Police cordoned off an area of North Richmond whileinvestigating the devices. They said that there was no...

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Mystery Booms in US and UK

Mystery booms are being heard in Ft. Wayne, Indiana,Richmond, Virginia and in England. As reported in September, Ft. Wayne has experiencedthe sounds before.

The sounds have the "snap and roll" characteristics of sonicbooms made by high speed jets when they fly at supersonicspeeds, but so far there has been no...

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