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Brains Absorb More Information From Real Books Than From E-Books

Science has great news for bibliophiles who can’t quite get the same buzz from downloading an e-book onto their Kindle as they do from the purchase of a good old-fashioned paper novel.

Aside from the fact that Kindle removes the sensory experience of book-ownership - you can’t touch, flick through, even smell a Kindle...
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Learn the Secret of Orenda

You may think you've read everything that Whitley Strieber has written, but you HAVEN'T, because his beautiful novel The Secret of Orenda, a thriller about a lost Indian tribe that remembers the secrets of the past, has just been...
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Reading Can Change Your Personality

Reading changes the brain: When you "lose yourself" inside the world of a fictional character while reading a story, you may actually end up changing your own behavior and thoughts to match...
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Whitley and Anne at Los Angeles Book Festival on Sat., April 21

The Festival is held at the University of Southern California (USC) campus and tickets are free! They will be signing books from 1-1:45 in booth #372 and on a panel at 3:30. To find out more about the Festival, click here. For a map to the campus,...
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Don't Like Your History? Change It!

At the same time our soldiers keep on fighting in Afghanistan, that country is rewriting its history books to LEAVE OUT its many wars.
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Arabic Readers See the World Differently

A new study shows that Arabic readers recognize words in a different way from readers of other languages. Does this mean their brains are different? If so, it could help explain the continual tensions...
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Reading Changes Your Brain

We know that the Visitors are changing our brains. It turns out that the act of reading changes our brains too (but some types of reading are better than others).

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What is Borderlands?

It's a hardcover collector's edition of short stories containing an exceptionally powerful new Whitley Strieber story called "Father Bob and Bobby." This story gives vent to some of Whitley's anger over the abuse of the Catholic priesthood by sexual predators. It's a shattering, not-to-be missed experience for Whitley fans. Borderlands are...

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Psi Spies is Back!

One of your favorite books by popular author Jim Marrs, Psi Spies, is now back in stock. This is the legendary book the mainstream publishers killed. Find out what the CIA didn't want you to know about its remote viewing program.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed.

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The Books You've Waited For are Back

We've had such interesting guests on Dreamland lately that you've bought up our entire stock of their books and we've had to reorder. Now we have plenty of Voyages of the Pyramid Builders and The Field and Hitler's Flying Saucers and Rule by Secrecyback in stock. You can listen to Whitley's interviews of Robert Schoch, Lynne McTaggart and...

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This Year's Prize Goes to?

There are hundreds of literary prizes given out every year, all over the world, but a little-known award is the annual Literary Review Bad Sex prize given out in the U.K. for the worst description of sex in a contemporary novel. This year?s winner is Wendy Perriam for a description in her novel "Tread Softly." It contains the lines "Weirdly, he...

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